Sunday, December 27

A Post Especially for Michelle Smiles ;-)

In theory, I agreed with the 200+ people who said that Santa should find the kid, even if the kid happened to be staying at a hotel in Indianapolis. But then there was this:

The Hannah Montana electric guitar.

Alexis asked for it, and Santa was happy to oblige. I, for one, would have much preferred that Santa find a cheap acoustic guitar. However, upon digging around on Amazon, Santa found that the Hannah guitar was actually a much better deal than any of the poorly rated acoustic ones. So . . . whatever. A Hannah Montana electric guitar it was.

I didn't want to have to sneak it into the car. I didn't want to have to sneak it into the hotel. I didn't want to have to deal with telling the kid she couldn't take it to Nana's house (some cousins were there and electric guitars aren't exactly the easiest thing in the world to share). I didn't want to have to deal with hauling it around. I especially didn't want to have to deal with the legacy of the guitar. Santa was setting a precedent this year, and in the future he'd really rather not have to haul around large Christmas gifts.

So, Santa delivered a certain Princess ball to the hotel, but he left the guitar to be discovered after we returned.

The plan worked perfectly.


Except that upon our return to Pittsburgh, Alexis was worn out. It's hard work sitting in the car and watching The Little Mermaid for six solid hours. All the kid wanted to do was to curl up on the couch and cuddle.

It's hard to say no to that.

After an hour of cuddles, it took some serious cajoling to convince the kid that the oddly shaped gift near the tree needed to be opened. She was definitely excited about the guitar once she finally did open it, but I have a feeling she would have been just fine without it.

Next year, Santa, go ahead and stick with the $6 ball. It'll be OK.


  1. Now that's an aesome gift... I'm sure she'll have much more fun with that than the ball (which will inevitably go flat)

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad she loves her ball, and I know she will have a blast jammin on the guitar! Good job, mom!

  3. Mike spent an hour setting up her new dollhouse and when she finally came downstairs to see what Santa brought, she went right past it and to the dog's stocking full of tennis balls

    "Thank you Santa for ALL MY BALLS."


  4. :) More balls. THat's what she needs.

  5. If I were you, I'd hide the Hannah Montana amp, or else the endless loop of kid songs will be the least of your auditory worries.

  6. @bluzdude--Funny thing, nobody thought to buy an amp. Ahem.

  7. Very smart to not buy an amp!

    My girl got an acoustic guitar from grandma. We thought it would be cool, but it's hard to tune and hard to pluck and doesn't seem to hold my girl's interest for whatever reason. I think you probably made out better with the Hannah Montana guitar!

  8. I was so sure this story was going to end with guitar tunes for six solid hours in the car. I'm sure she will love it much more once she gets a good night's rest.

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  10. Boo got, what I thought would be the ultimate Christmas gift this year, his own video camera.

    It is still in its box.

    Damn kids would be happy with one gift methinks. But you GOTTA put presents under all the trees cause WHAT IS THE POINT?

    LOL. I am sure you are totally rocking out to the Hannah Montana now.

  11. Woohoo!!! I love resolutions :)

    Sorry you didn't get the big reaction but I am sure she will love that guitar until you want to hide it. We bought my niece a barbie guitar and it was the hit of Christmas for young and old...everyone played it at some point.