Monday, January 18

Why, Yes, I am Bragging. And?

Kid art makes me happy. I mean, who else but a 3-year old would figure out a way to make Violet from The Incredibles look like a character from The Princess and the Frog?


Recently Alexis came home from school with this masterpiece:

Of course, I immediately asked, "What is that?" I really didn't know.

The artist was a little offended that I needed to ask. She sighed, rolled her eyes at my stupidity, and then said, "It's you and my friends." The word, "Duh" was implied, but not actually spoken.

"Oh," I said. I found the explanation even more confusing than the picture because, uh, what's up with my nose?

Oink? Oink.

I won't even address the 82354609134 other things that are horribly wrong with that depiction of me. Nothing about it is flattering, that's for sure.

Then there is "the friends." I was going to ask what is up with the circles on their bodies, but I was afraid the answer was going to be even more disturbing than anything my imagination could come up with.

I'm just going to go with cow udders. So, uh, moooo.

I looked at that particular piece of art for days trying to decipher all the mysteries it holds. DAYS. And then I noticed it:

The sun. THE SUN LOOKS LIKE A SUN! Suddenly, I don't really care that my kid thinks I have a pig nose and an booty wider than a semi, SHE CAN DRAW THE SUN!

The only question is, how did she learn what it looks like? It's not like she sees it all that often in Pittsburgh.


  1. Could the circles be belly buttons?

  2. wait, do you have nipples?!? and why does the friend on the right have a square head? bwuahahaa!!

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I didn't notice the nose at all. I noticed the fact that that face that is you is smiling contentedly. Smart kid to see right into her mommy's true heart. xoxoxo Damama T

  4. Perhaps all her friends have princesses on their shirts.

  5. obviously, she's an artistic genius. i accept no other explanation.

  6. The children appear to be showering or zapping you with sunshine. This is of course the source for your smiling. They have rigged up a device, some technology of kids' making, to channel the power of the sun through themselves into your joy.

    We can assume the circles are a necessary accessory in the craft of this mysterious kid tech. However, we can never fully understand their purpose of dimensions.

    We can also assume this is an allegory for kid art itself, and the joy it brings you. Thus, not only does she successfully render a sun, but she has created a work of self-referential post-modern conceptual art. She may also have "the sight."

    Proud mamma, indeed.

  7. Those tails on the kids... Are they supposed to be boys, maybe?

  8. The circles on the friends are belly buttons. And the fact that you are bigger in the picture makes you more important than her friends.

    Look at that... I retained something from grad school!!! I love kid pictures.

  9. Sue gets two gold stars for saying I'm more important. Karen loses about 1462356098 gold stars because . . . because . . . because I said so.

  10. Just a guess: everyone is wearing a Life is Good t-shirt.

  11. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Kid art makes me giddy. My fridge is currently plastered in 320 pieces of it.

  12. She is talented, you know! The sun is perfect. Her people are great, too - don't forget how famous Picasso was! ;)

  13. Such a little artist! That's impressive for a three year old!!

  14. My first thought was also belly buttons. And *I* am really impressed that she thought to draw you all holding hands!

  15. Well, she does have a great memory, so that explains the sun.

    I hate it when you post something first and I look like I'm copying you. I was planning to post Dylan's first ever picture that looks like something. I'm NOT copying, ok? : )

  16. Megan used to draw her friends very similar to that except it wasnt on a piece of paper it was on my walls and they were VERY large. I was never alone when I watched tv at night.

  17. i love the expression of the middle "friend" .. sooo unamused hahaha