Monday, April 30

Hmm . . .

One of the teachers at daycare quit last Friday (and didn't give two weeks notice) so they had to do a major shifting of teachers to keep the teacher to child ratio in line. Somehow, that resulted in the end of the one-year old room. There were three girls in there: Alexis, Ave, and Zoe. Ave is a few weeks older than Alexis and Zoe is a few weeks younger. The three of them have now been moved to the toddler room. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I think I'm annoyed that they'll be in with 3-year olds. They are just is such different places developmentally. I haven't said anything yet since I am already know as the "difficult parent" (because of the drama I caused to get rid of the trashy teacher--mind you everyone there knew it needed to be done, I was just the loud mouth that got things moving). Anyway, I'm trying to decide on an angle. If anybody has any ideas, leave a Comment. Right now I'm thinking of the "don't move my kid for business reasons, move her because she's developmentally ready" argument. The only problem is that I think she's nearly ready. Ave, on the other hand, is not so ready. And Alexis and Ave can not be split up. That would be like seperating peanut butter and jelly. It's too bad I never run into Ave's Mom; I would gladly put her up to some parental plotting.

I couldn't tell you what these two are planning, but something is a afoot.

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