Thursday, May 24

In Case You Were Wondering

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Alexis had moved to the toddler room at daycare. I have managed to make a few comments that led to the situation there improving and I'd have to say she's doing fine at this point. Early on when I showed up to pick her up and she was sitting in the corner by herself eating a stick of chalk, she wasn't doing fine. But there's been none of that lately (and, yes, I did make a big old drama out of the fact that she could have choked and that she had obviously been doing it for a while--she had white clown lips stretching from ear to ear).

I can't say the same for Zoe and Eva, however. Zoe just couldn't do the outside play thing. Initially they took a stroller outside and she sat in there. When that didn't work, she ended up back in the infant room. Eva is ending up split about 50/50 between the toddlers and the infant room. Some days she wants to be a big girl, other days she's having none of it. Alexis is the only one that has managed to stay with the toddlers full time. Of course, if you let her eat a stick of chalk, she'll do a lot of things for you ;-)

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