Saturday, May 12

Living up to Expectations

The Pirates, as expected, had their butts handed to them by the Braves tonight. And Alexis, as expected, was tough to keep entertained for the three hours it took for the Braves to finish off the Pirates. I took her to the playground inside PNC Park for over half an hour. She had a great time there playing on the slide, climbing the ladders, and chasing other kids. But then some random kid (probably about 3 years old) decided it would be fun to start shoving Alexis. There was no parent in sight to scold the little hooligan, so I had to scoop up Alexis and go back to our seats. From there it was basically Wrestlemania for the remainder of the game. Alexis is really good at cheering though. Sometimes she says "Yay" and claps for the wrong team, but her heart is in the right place.

Here's Alexis hanging out with our friends Mark and Estee.

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