Sunday, June 10

Put a Fork in it

Have you ever been stabbed in the stomach with two little forks? Yeah, me neither, but I imagine it feels just about the same as when Alexis decides to tickle me.

She's got this thing lately for tickling me at every opportunity. Frankly, she's pretty lousy at it. Her execution is good, but the technique is terrible. The best part is that she pulls my shirt up to make it easier for her to stab me with her pointy little fingers. So I'll be walking through a store, with her in the cart, and she'll decide that I should put on a show for everybody around. It's fanstastic. If she didn't laugh so hard when she was doing it, I would have a very hard time doing anything but cringing. Well, OK, there is still a lot of cringing, but even that makes her laugh, so it's all good.

Now I just want to know why she has never done it to Daddy.

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