Tuesday, June 19

Some People Suck

I normally like to keep this blog like Alexis' world, nice and happy. But there is an ongoing news story in Pittsburgh that has me positively seething, so you get to hear about it . . .

You have probably heard the story about five children that died in a house fire here in Pittsburgh. Initially, it was a very sad story about children who could not escape a burning house, the neighbors who heard their screams and couldn't save them, and two mothers who had lost their children. As more information became available, it stayed a sad story, but has turned into something more.

To summarize what happened, there were seven children in a house at 1:00 am, all 8 years-old or younger. The two oldest children were playing with matches and started a fire. They escaped, but the other five (ranging in age from 3 to 7) did not. When it first happened, we heard reports that the police were searching for a missing 17 year-old that was babysitting at the time everything happened. It turns out that there was no babysitter. The mothers lied. The children were in that house alone. And where were the mothers? At a bar. Yes, at a freaking bar.

As if that story alone weren't enough to make any sane person crazy, at the funeral, some things were said that are just . . . I don't know. I don't even know the word to use to describe the insanity that went on. You can read about it all here, but one line stuck out for me:

"Who's responsible? This city has been responsible for [people living in poverty] for years and years. How can you arrest and prosecute these women for neglect, and you won't prosecute the past leaders of this city for neglect?"

Say, what? I'm having trouble seeing how the blame could rest with anyone other than the two mothers who selfishly and stupidly chose to leave those children home alone while they went out drinking. Those two mothers deserve every bit of punishment that is waiting for them, and then some more.

The moron who said this just might be worse in my eyes than those mothers. When they made their decision, they didn't know the outcome. That guy, he knew how the story ended. And yet he chose to defend the mothers and attack everyone else. He seems to think that only people with money can be responsible parents who know enough to make sure that their children are not left unattended. Last time I checked, money did not buy anyone parenting skills (case in point, Britney Spears).

Here's to hoping that guy spends the night at one of the mother's houses so that he can be burned alive.

Oh, and what she said.

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