Monday, June 18

The Zoo Crew

Saturday we made another trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Right about now you 'Burgh folks are probably thinking "You what?" But yes, we ventured up Route 28 even with the US Open going on just a few miles away. I correctly predicted that everyone who wasn't watching Tiger choke would be avoiding the area.

So this trip to the zoo was odd for several reasons.

1. There weren't very many people there. It strangely disconcerting to not be elbow-to-elbow with annoying people while walking through the place.

2. This happened:

That is Alexis. Sitting in her stroller. Willingly. And by "willingly," I don't actually mean we glued her butt to the seat then shoved happy pills down her throat to keep her there. She WANTED to sit in her stroller. As in, she ASKED to be there as we were walking in. She was all, "Excuse me, Mother and Father, but I wish to sit in that lovely little stroller for the next few hours. I feel that it will be delightful." It was really weird.

3. We actually saw animals. A lot of them. Maybe even all of them. If you've ever been to the Pittsburgh Zoo, then you've probably suspected, as I have, that the signs announcing animals are actually part of a huge scam. The zoo CLAIMS that there are animals there, you pay to see them, and they pocket a ton of cash. They add to the scam by having stuffed animals scattered about so that you will think the animals are "sleeping." But no, it turns out that there really are bears, elephants, beavers, crocodiles, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, and lots of other animals AND they are alive. Here's some proof:

The not so weird--Alexis still likes the aquarium the best. Go figure.

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