Tuesday, June 5

State of Independence

Lest you think that I find Alexis' independent streak to be a bad thing, let me just tell you that I actually think it's the greatest thing ever. There aren't many 16-month olds that will sit and play by themselves for hours. It's not a guarantee around here, but it is the norm. The only drawback to that activity is that she will wander into the street if we're outside. She bound and determined to find her way to the playground, and she doesn't need my help.

The other time I love the independent streak comes around each and every time Alexis feeds herself. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that I can plop her in her high chair with a spoon and some pudding while I clean the living room. She might drop a few spoonfuls on the floor, but generally she does her job, and she does it well.

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