Friday, June 22

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I hereby declare myself a winner. I have fought the "Bear stays here" battle and I WON!

Ever since Bear came home from the Zoo with us, he has been going everywhere. He went to Eat 'n Park for dinner. He went for a car ride to the bank. He went to the grocery store. It's a wonder his ears are still attached to his head because he really has been drug to every possible locale. But no more.

I, the master of the one year-old universe, have managed to convince Alexis that Bear wants to sit in her chair when she's not playing with him. And she's taking me very seriously. Earlier today she realized she had left Bear on the deck. She ran as fast as she could to save him and put him back in his chair. (Well, OK, so the screen door was closed and she actually ran into the door, peeled herself off, opened it, and then ran as fast as she could to save Bear. But that's not the point.) When Bear fell on the floor, she dutifully picked him up and put him back in the chair. When I put Bear on the couch so I could clean her chair, she yelled at me then put Bear back in the chair. Bear even stayed in her chair when we ran to Dairy Queen earlier today. So, I win.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get Daddy to put his change, wallet, iPod, car keys, hammer, mail, clothes, shoes, notes, jackets, movies, or even his coffee cops away. I'd be willing to settle for any one of those items. Just one. Please?

One more thing, Bear needs a name. Alexis repeats "Bear," but she doesn't seem to think it should be his name. We are now accepting suggestions.

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    More mommy pics! See. You need more of them now. I have to go and search for them.