Wednesday, August 29

First, Last, and Dora

My Fantasy Football draft has ended and I'm feeling all sorts of dirty. I had the "lucky" draw of first pick. So, Yay! in the first round. But wow does that suck when you get to the second round. With fourteen teams, that meant I got to pick Ladianian Tomlinson in the first round like anyone with a brain would, but I didn't get to pick again until 28. There weren't any good running backs or quarterbacks left at that point. Boo. Eventually I was left with players that I can't stand as my best bet. Enter Plaxico Burress and Eli Manning (my backup QB). I really hope I can sucker somebody into a trade a few weeks in for no other reason than so I can feel a little better about myself at the end of the day. No Catchico. Blarg.

While I was participating in the draft activities, Grandma made it to our house and the spoiling immediately kicked into high gear. I don't really know why Alexis thought she needed a Dora suitcase, a Dora outfit, and two pairs of Dora pajamas, but I'm pretty sure Grandma's were invented specifically to purchase unneeded items for little ones. I mean, what exactly does a one-year old need a suitcase for? So that we can ship her to Grandma's house for a week? Hmm . . . that's an idea.

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