Tuesday, August 28

What Happens When I Can't Think of a Title

This is going to be nice and short because Grandma is coming and I really need to hurry-up and make it look like we know how to clean and pick-up after ourselves. But I can only do that after I have figured out a plan for my fantasy football draft tomorrow. I refuse to lose to a bunch of boys. There will be no sleeping for a while as my priorities are clearly straight. #1--Fantasy football. #2--Clean. #3--Sleep. Actually, Daddy is off tomorrow. He may need to take over on #2.

Updates on randomness:

1. I took my lashes with a wet noodle like a grown-up. BUT, I have not yet completely lost the war. The sky is right where it belongs, so it's just down to a tiny bit more work. It will happen soon, I swear.

2. Alexis is a tattle-tale. She was yelling "Jasmine, no!" earlier when the hairy one was up to no good.

3. I can't give an update on the over-priced aquarium because I refuse to jinx us.

4. Daddy has been living in a box for the past few months and just now heard this for the first time. Now he won't stop freaking singing it. Somebody needs to put me out of my misery now.

5. This is from the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. It's a see-saw that makes air bubbles in a water wall when you go up and down. This would be the one and only time that I've been OK with Alexis' really fabulous ability to make gas travel through water.

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