Friday, August 10

Rant, Rant, Rant, and Rant Some More

As if it weren't enough that Alexis has been channeling her inner Linda Blair as of late, now we have the lovely and concerned citizens over at our friendly neighborhood daycare piling on the misery. I'll just say this: She's teething. It hurts. She's pissed. Deal with it. Don't call me fifteen times asking if she can have Tylonel (HELLO, I drug her before I send her to school as to avoid these calls). Don't make Daddy feel like a poop sandwich for leaving her while she is screaming, crying, and throwing herself against the glass door pleading him to not leave her. I'm pretty sure she's doing a sufficient job of making him feel bad without your help, thank you very much. And one more thing, our daycare payment is more than our mortgage payment. Therefore, I feel it is inappropriate for you to complain when she's clingy and wants held. Hold her and shut up already! Dude, just because she's usually Little Miss Independent and is, IN YOUR WORDS, the best-behaved baby you have, doesn't mean you can expect us to keep her out of daycare when she's having an off day. I could swear I have mentioned that when she's not feeling well, she insists on taking everybody down with her. If I, a first-time parent, can handle a teething child, then I'm pretty sure an experienced professional like yourself can figure it out. Darn it.

And if you think I seem a little wound up, you should have heard Daddy at 6:30 this morning. Yowzers.

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