Saturday, August 11

Randomness (Again)

1. I don't know what everyone was freaking out about yesterday. I picked Alexis up at 4:30 and she was totally fine the entire evening. No whining, no cranking, no Tylenol, just her usual self.

2. We went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum today. I can now say the Indy Children's Museum sucks. I downgrade it to a C.

3. After the Musuem, Alexis achieved greatness by throwing up all over herself and her car seat. Mmmm . . . my car now smells like grape Yogos. After dinner, she tried to shoot her dinner at me, but missed. Mmmm . . . chewed up grapes. The best one, though, was after I cleaned her up from dinner and was putting a new pair of pajamas on her. She didn't miss that time.

UPDATE: Daddy made popcorn. Alexis saw the popcorn. Alexis installed an extra stomach in her little body specifically for the purpose of holding popcorn. I'm really hoping that extra stomach isn't feeling as cranky as her other one because I'm really, really tired of cleaning puke off of Alexis and me.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The popcorn stomach wasn't happy either. Poor kid :-(

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