Sunday, August 12

Yet More Randomness

1. Pukey Head morphed into Sleepy Head today. Sleepy Head demanded that I make myself useful and make like a pillow. Of the five naps that she took today, four were spent curled up into my nap. While the house looks like I got nothing done today, I can't say that I'm complaining. There's much worse ways to spend your day than hanging out in the couch with a sleeping one-year old in your lap. Clearly Sleepy Head is feeling much better as of late. She ate a million Doritos at dinner (and kept them down) then proceeded to get in trouble for playing Ring Around the Rosie while standing on the couch. There is to be no "ashes, ashes" while standing on top of furniture.

2. The Steelers Marketing department obviously got to the announcers at last night's game. There is no other explanation for them to be all "The kids really love Steely" unless they were paid off. There's two problems with their repeated praise of the The Terrible Idea. One--I have yet to meet a kid that LIKES a six-foot freaky looking mascot. Two--Steelers games are no place for kids. I'm not old enough to see some of the things that go on there. If anybody is taking their kids, I think it qualifies as child abuse.

3. Desperate for a pacifier? Probably.

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