Friday, August 24

Stop Mocking Me

I've had it. I've been mocked. I've been teased. I've been tormented. I'm not taking it any more. Every time I walk in Alexis' room, Humpty Dumpty laughs at me. The old lady who lived in a shoe mutters under her breath. The fork and the spoon chant "still not done, still not done, still not done". Apparently, it's not enough that only one of the murals is complete. Apparently, the fact that there is a sky on one side of the room, but not the other, is a problem. Apparently, I can't start painting the words to the nursery rhymes then leave it unfinished. I do solemnly swear that I will finish painting Alexis room within the next 48 hours. If I don't, I shall arm every character with a wet noodle and stand in the center of the room as they all lash me.

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