Saturday, September 22

So Long to a Dear Friend

Dear HC,

You've been a great friend for the past year. You've protected Alexis and held her safe countless times. You've been abused in so many ways, and yet you kept giving. You were even there for us during the Great Sippy Incident of 2007.

It's not your fault. It's nothing you did. Alexis just doesn't want you anymore. She wants to be free. So while you continue to be just as rock steady as you always have been, it has occurred to Alexis that you are cramping her style. She just can't be contained a moment longer.

I'm sorry that I have had to replace you. But Daddy is going to take you to the storage shed where you will be safe and sound until there is a use for you again someday. Whether it's another child in our house, or a child somewhere else, you will be appreciated again. I promise.

High chair, I'm going to miss you more than you can ever imagine. But the nightly fights have to end, and it seems Alexis' new big girl chair is the solution. Godspeed, High Chair, Godspeed.

Much love,
Burgh Baby's Mom

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