Wednesday, October 3

A Birthday Wish

I remember some of the most random things. For example, I know the PLU for bananas is 4015. I worked in a grocery store in high school. I know that if you were to walk into a Citizens Bank about a kazillion years ago and ask for your savings account balance, the teller would have typed IMI2. I still remember my phone number from when I was in kindergarten. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember names or birthdays. It's not in my genes. So I have made Daddy responsible for reminding me when there is a birthday in his family. Well, he's getting up there in the years, so sometimes he isn't as on the ball as he could be. Anyway, we didn't entirely forget, we just remembered a little later than we probably should have. So happy birthday, Mammaw! (And if there is anyone whose birthday was forgotten, the blame should land squarely on Daddy. I can only be held responsible for birthdays on my side of the family.)

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