Wednesday, October 3

Nice Does Matter

One of the nicest people I've ever not met, Jayna, thinks I'm nice, too!

I found out about this yesterday, and oh how the irony is not lost on me. Y'all (I'm Southern now, but just for right now), I do believe I have pissed off more people in the past 48 hours than in all the rest of my life combined.

First there was The Guy yesterday morning who was behind me on the Parkway. The speed limit along the stretch I was travelling is 55. APPARENTLY, the fact that I was only exceeding said limit by 15 mph was a travesty. A travesty of such epic proportions that The Guy felt the undying need to try to push me out of his way with his front bumper while honking, flashing his lights, and showing me how he had unfortunately lost all but one of his fingers in some sort of tragic accident. When I kept managing to maintain a two-inch distance, he tried to swerve around me. Too bad there were cars there. When he finally did make it around me, he stayed right there because hello, there were also cars in front of me. Also driving 70 mph. That is, until we hit the stopped cars at the top of Greentree Hill. I don't know what The Dude did to entertain himself, but I counted all my fingers and felt grateful that I wasn't the poor soul with only one finger.

Then there was the incident with The Trainers. This week is one of those weeks when I spend my days standing in the front of a room telling people what to do. When I entered My Room yesterday, I found The Trainers using all my lovely toys like the overhead projector and computers for a class they were allegedly starting at the same time I was planning to start. But see, it's My Room and I had the email and calendar reservation to prove it. I'm pretty sure I heard one of them mutter a word that sounds a whole lot like stitch as I kicked them out of My Room.

That was followed by my magical ability to irritate someone in my class by forgetting to put on my care face when he tried to explain that he shouldn't be at the training. The Dude signed up for the class so I wasn't really feeling him when he tried to leave after ten minutes. Sorry, Dude, no pretending to be at training while you wander around town avoiding work.

There were many more incidents just like that between yesterday and today but perhaps the most magical moment is going on right this very minute. Alexis very desperately believes that she should be allowed to eat an entire loaf of bread, plastic and all. I tend to disagree. She is so telling me off right now. It's a good thing she has all her fingers because I suspect that if she knew how, she would be showing me just one of them right now.

Anyway, go visit Jayna at The Longest Year. Because she really is a very nice blogger. And while we're in a nice sort of mood, I'm going to pass the nice award on to Sunny and Stormy for wanting everyone to just get along and The Rocking Pony for being so considerate of others. Go visit their sites, too. Warning: Visiting The Rocking Pony may result in you visiting her store which may result in you spending lots and lots of money on very cute things. If one of those cute things were to turn out to be this and you were to give it to Alexis, I wouldn't hate you. (I know it's already sold. I happen to think that Rocking Pony is probably nice enough to make another set. Perhaps in a sock monkey fabric?)


  1. Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that hacks people off on occasion. Like every doctor we've ever encountered. Despite their patience while I'm there I'm so sure they cringe when they see our name on their day's list. Today we sat waiting (and screaming) for almost an hour. The 6 year old said "I think she's just outside the door and is afraid to come in." I laughed. He was probably right.

    Thank you so, so much for the super sweet words about my store. What a dear! And I could definitely make another, in sock monkey fabric. :) There's that coupon code on my blog if you need a Christmas gift.

  2. OMG! That is my first award ever! On the internet, anyway...I suppose I got one in high school for like, the "award for the highest average of a student with a brown mailbox and 5 letters in their last name." Because they didn't want to leave anyone out, you know. But this one means a lot more!! Thank you!

    I don't drive on the parkway if I can at all help it. It kind of stinks to live so close to the city, yet be scared to drive to it.

    And also, my sister is super mad at me today, so I'm having a moment of irony here too :)

  3. You are both so very welcome!