Friday, October 19

Destroying Things One Step at a Time

Take a guess at what is in that child's mouth . . . Is it:

A) One of them new-fangled fancy candy cigarettes.
B) The bullet she plans to use to shoot me with when I won't let her stay out past 9:00 on a school night.
C) Another toy from Fisher Price that's chock full of fun (and lead).
D) A large bolt from her crib.

Um, yeah. It's a bolt. That she found, unscrewed, yanked out, and then cheerily chewed on until I ripped it from her grubbly little hands.

Some thoughts:

--Furniture that is generally used for climbing, jumping, running, and sleeping is best held together with all of its parts.

--I'm pretty sure that a one-year old should not be able to loosen and remove a three-inch bolt from her crib. I am not the Household Master of Assembly, but it does seem to me that these things should be a wee bit too tight for that sort of activity.



  1. No worries. We lost the 3" bolt between kids number 3 and 4. Micah slept in his crib 2 years without it and may still be sleeping there if he hadn't learned to scale the side and slip down to the floor. That crib is still usable!

  2. Oh, not to worry. The crib will not be retired until I am good and ready for that. I shook it a few times and it didn't come crumbling down, so I deemed it safe for reentry. Besides, in an attempt to make sure the child stays in her crib, we've lowered the mattress to within inches of the floor. She can't even put her chin on the edge because it's so low. That means there is nowhere to fall should it come tumbling down.