Thursday, October 18

RIP to One of Martha Stewart's Friends

Alexis has given all indications that she is ready for a big girl bed for a while now. I, however, am not ready for that milestone. Every time I think of her sleeping in a bed with an accessible escape route, I think of her wandering downstairs, standing on the kitchen counter eating cinnamon raisen bread in the middle of the night. She does it during the middle of the day when I turn away for a millisecond, surely she would take to wandering the house appeasing her every unfulfilled desire if left to her own devices.

I'm all about the compromise, so I gave Alexis a big girl pillow in her crib to tide her over for a little while. This occurred maybe two weeks ago. Last night, I went to put her to sleep and discovered this:

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but that is one seriously shredded pillowcase. It was a brand new pillowcase devoid of any rips, tears, or loose threads when she got hold of it. What is going on here? Do all toddlers turn on their bedding like that? Or just this one?


  1. She's good. I can never rip fabric when I absolutely have to (and that occurs oh, so often).

    Maybe it was cause it was just plain white, and didn't have Dora on it :-)

  2. Good heavens! I'd fear turning her loose in the house unattended, too. What did that pillowcase ever do to her?!

  3. Dylan has a beef with our couch pillows. He is constantly wrestling them, but hasn't tried shredding them as of yet.

  4. You know, Jayna, you have a point. The next time I'm sewing a duvet cover and need to rip an entire side out, I'm calling Alexis. It took me hours to do it by myself.

    There will be no Dora bedding. THAT is where I draw the line. The "I Spent Weeks Sewing Your Bedding and I Really Don't Care if You Like it or Not" line.