Thursday, October 25

If the Shirt Fits

And with that, I'm off to a Pens game. Daddy and Alexis will be holding down the fort all by their lonesome selves tonight. Go Sydney!


  1. shell9:54 PM

    This is so cute. I think she said the word diaper like 3 times and maybe the word poop. I had to listen like 3 times.

    miss you guys.

  2. Were Dylan and Alexis separated at birth? He does the same thing, and the floor of his room looks the same - books everywhere. We need a shirt like that! Where did you get it?

  3. Shell--You are doing far better than me if you can figure out any words in there. I got nothing.

    We miss you too :-(

    Jen--The shirt came from BabyGap. I had to wait two months to buy it so that it would be on clearance. It figures that the first time she wore it she turned the living room into a toddler's dream library.