Thursday, October 11

Run In Peace

You would think that a full day of just me and the Crazy One-Year Old would wield some funny story or lifelong lesson. But really, it didn't. She was about as boring as boring can be (Except at lunch when I had the audacity to give her yogurt after she asked for -you guessed it- yogurt. Never let a one-year old tell you what they want. They lie like dogs and will try very hard to trick you with their backwards logic.).

Since Alexis let me down today, I shall revert to Saturday for some good times. We had some friends over and, oh, how Alexis clung to "Aunt" Estee. She clung like the odor of dirty gym socks in a locker room. We're talking about Category 5 stalking here, people. Estee could not walk in or out of a room without her shadow toddling behind her.

The one, and only one, exception came about whilst I was putting together part of the cemetery in the front yard. If you are assembling a cemetery, then you can be sure that your one-year old will suddenly find your every move to be utterly and completely fascinating. She followed me around, installing fence, placing tombstones, and running electrical cords. I would say she was a great help, but then I would by lying like a dog.

Once the cemetery was essentially complete, Alexis took to running laps around and through all the tombstones, generally yucking herself up with her fantastic running skills. Did you ever see the Friends episode where Phoebe runs? That's what she looked like, except perhaps a little bit crazier. And I was left to wonder, is it creepy that my one-year old gets her kicks out of running around in a cemetery?


  1. How cute, playing in a cemetery. Oh, the fond memories she'll have.

    You're so right about the toddler food thing. It's a daily occurrence here. Drives. Me. Insane.

  2. great site, thanks