Tuesday, October 16

You Guys!

Somebody, somewhere must have thought it was about time I drug myself out of this pity party I've been throwing, and decided to make my day by nominating me for Hot Stuff of the Week over at GNMParents! I don't know who you were, but thanks! (And feel free to out yourself so I can thank you proper and stuff. I promise I won't bite.)

(If you happen to be even slightly interested, you can go vote here. But don't feel like you have to because it's all about what makes you happy. If you want to, great! If you don't, great! Just be happy!)

So back to that pity party . . . I'll have you know that it is continuing. I do fully realize that the current situation will work out for the best, but that doesn't change that it sucks harder than a three-month old while breastfeeding. It totally sucks. It sucky, suck, sucks. Even though I know that I did absolutely nothing wrong, and there is nothing that I could have done differently to alter the outcome, I still keep replaying the past few months in my mind, looking for some sort of way that I could have prevented the bizarreness that occurred last week. I keep coming up empty. I suppose that is because there is nothing there to find, but I can't help but to keep searching.

(Sorry that I continue to be so cryptic about what exactly happened. But, you see, I have seen multiple IP addresses from a certain server on this here blog the past few days and there really is no reason to provide any ammunition for anything. Just goes to show that no matter how anonymous a blog is, it's never truly anonymous. Or maybe it is. I have no way of knowing.)

Really the problem is that I am a worker. I like to work. I especially like the stress of working. Actually, I shouldn't say "like", I should say that I THRIVE on the stress that only a corporate environment can bring. Need fifty things done in the next ten minutes? I'm your person! Need somebody to calm a pissed off customer? I'll do it! Want somebody to be in two places at once? OK! I love that kind of drama. The longer my To Do List gets, the happier I am. The more people are counting on me, the better.

Let's be honest here, being a stay-at-home Mom can certainly be stressful and by no means is a walk in the park, but there are plenty of things that can always wait. There will be no angry people screaming in my face if I don't put away laundry for a few weeks. That dirty diaper? It can wait a minute. Dinner? Y'all will survive if I toss some leftovers onto the table. I mean, I started painting the murals in Alexis' room over two years ago. The only person that is even slightly bothered by the fact that they're still not done is me. And I ain't losing sleep over it.

Of course, there's probably a solution to the moderately stressful situation. I'm sure the addition of a few more kids would heat things up considerably. But, alas, Daddy said something last night to ensure that won't be happening anytime soon. It was something about him seeing no reason why any other kids we have wouldn't turn out to be just as easygoing as Alexis. No reason except for the fact that he SAID THAT OUT LOUD.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go create some stress for myself. Maybe I'll bust out the paint and see if Alexis wants to finish her own murals. Watching her paint Humpty Dumpty's face black will most certainly get my blood flowing.

Oh yeah, go vote (if you want)!


  1. You thrive on stress?! I would be happy to give you my To Do List. Then I can call you periodically throughout the day, ask you why it is taking you so long, and scream at you about your inadequacy. That should do it.

  2. Jen, that sounds heavenly. (No need to tell me I need to have my head examined, I already know.)

  3. You can always add a few more dogs to the house. Those are stressers, too. But the extra kids is a sure thing. With 4, I'm wondering what on earth I was thinking 3 kids ago when I thought I was busy.

  4. Karen, dogs aren't just stressers, they have a magical ability to drive me straight to fed up in under 1.2 seconds. I might have to drop a couple off at your house. You might not even notice and I will be in less pain.

  5. I voted for ya!! I am just sort of catching up here so first I have to say, WOW!

    I find staying home with just one child is stress enough. More than most other things I have done in life. Knowing that, I think you'll be fine and have all the stress you need to thrive on!

  6. Pretty sure I'd notice. I have reached my saturation level with dogs and am wondering why on earth I thought it a good plan to add three puppies to the house at one time. Did I mention that they're not housetrained? Did you mention that you needed a stressful job?

  7. Thanks, Momish! Really though, one kid just isn't enough of a challenge. She's too good to me. Not that I'm complaining, because I totally am not.

    Karen--Darn, I thought maybe a few more wouldn't much matter. Oh, and bring on the puppies! I kind of enjoy the housebreaking challenge. Of course, the last one I trained was Meg and I have to admit that Jasmine actually did most of the work. That might be the last time she did anything useful, come to think of it.