Thursday, November 22

Dear Santa

I have something new that I'm thankful for--Amazon Wish Lists. Every year I get harrassed by the in-laws for Christmas lists. I hate writing Christmas lists. Hate! I totally get why they ask for them; they just want to buy things for us that we will like. But I feel like I'm demanding that they buy me things, and they really don't need to. As much as I like Christmas, recieving gifts isn't my favorite part. I much prefer GIVING them. There's nothing more fun that watching someone open a carefully wrapped package and delighting in what they find inside. Since I seriously rock at picking out creative gifts that people will like, it's SO much fun.

But since I KNOW I will be harrassed for lists, I started putting some thought into them a few days ago. While I was looking around online for ideas for Alexis (what do you buy the kid that already has enough toys to open a Fisher Price store in your living room?), I realized that I could save a wish list. Ha! Grandparents delight, for I have your list right here:

My Wish List

I love the Internet.

(What? There's nothing on there for Daddy and I? Really? I hadn't noticed.)


  1. What a great idea! Too bad none of my family has the foggiest idea what Amazon is! So, I'm stuck writing out what the boys want. I have become quite creative in letting my husband know EXACTLY what to get ME! I cut out pictures of what it is I want, glue 'em to some construction paper, write where they can be bought, the price and then I punch a hole in the top and tie it with a piece of ribbon! I AM A GENIUS! It worked very well last year!

    And you know I am already working on it this year!

  2. In my one will order from the internet....still scared about stolen identity and I end up buying whatever it is for my kids and they just pay me for it. I should just buy what I want for me to and totally cut out the middle man!

  3. You know, no one has asked me what Amy wants for Xmas this year. Maybe because they will just buy whatever they like no matter what I say.

  4. This is our first year playing Santa, and we're so excited. We haven't even thought about gifts for each other. We both just love giving the gifts. Our bank account actually hates that about us.

  5. I'm going to use your Amazon Wish list idea for next year. My mom calls every year wanting to know what the kids want. This year I had no ideas. I took all four of them into Toys R Us and went through the aisles having the nine year old write down everything everybody wanted.

    It worked fine, but I was about sweating by the end of it. A wish list sounds much easier.

  6. Yuck. I hate making the lists too.

    The hardest part is that if I can find an idea in some tiny little part of my brain I BUY it for my kids, from me.

    This is hard enough without me having to do the work for everyone else too! Just buy them what you want I say. I'll threaten them enough that they'll appear grateful even if they HATE it.


  7. That's a great idea - you are so smart. Take care. Kellan

  8. The internet is a godsend when it comes to christmas shopping. We posted a nice little listy, right there in the sidebar of our blog...I still had to point it out to everyone (and I had to send my husband the link to the coat I wanted!) but at least there will be stuff under the tree that everyone wants and needs, and not random stuff that will just end up at the Goodwill in a few months!

  9. red pen mama8:31 PM

    You sound exactly like my husband. When I asked him for a Christmas list the first year we were married, he looked horrified. "But I can't tell you what to buy me," he said. I said the list just gave people ideas; it was supposed to be full of suggestions.

    you can imagine how he felt when I just gave him my list. We've always made lists in my family. It's just easier.

    And you don't have to stick to the list. Just like you don't have to buy something from the registry!