Friday, November 23

I Have No Idea How the Parrot Figures Into Things

I know when I'm in the mood for fajitas, I like them with a side of lasagna.

Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis

(Regular posts will resume when there isn't shopping to be done and basketball games to attend.)


  1. Yummy! Can I order a taco with a side of spaghetti? Or maybe some chicken parm with a side of nachos? And, yeah, if you come up with a good theory on the parrot- let me know! maybe it is a Pirate run Mexican-Italian restaurant. Shiver me timbers! (or some other random pirate thing!) enjoy that shopping- hope you find some good deals! remember, I'm always open to steelers gifts for Christmas...I can send you my address ;) (sorry, I am apparently a little loopy from all the food I stuffed myself with yesterday!)

  2. How about a burrito with fettucini alfredo?

    I've got Steelers gear on my Christmas list, too. I NEED a Harrison jersey. NEED, not want. NEED.

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic.com9:13 PM

    Why would you ever eat Italian OR Mexican at a place called Daddy Chickens/Roosters?