Friday, November 2

Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break

I present to you photographic evidence that eating too many Kit Kats does indeed cause bodily harm:

THAT is Kit Kat Belly. It's a condition that is likely to result in your shirt riding up and your jeans coming unsnapped. Repeatedly.

Hitting the dog on the head with a maraca will not cure your Kit Kat Belly. It will, however, get you in big trouble with your Mother and she WILL make you feel bad for being mean.


  1. That one cracked me up! Or broke me up.

  2. "Kit Kat Belly" - that's so cute. Poor baby - what a sad/darling picture! Have a good weekend.

  3. I can reltate. I've been suffering from Kit Kat belly myself. Elastic waist bands all the way! haha

  4. I'm personally suffering from Snickers with Almonds Belly. Sadly, I think the only cure will be to eat another bag.

  5. OMG WHERE did you get that Book worm shirt? Oh, the cuteness. I want it. I so do.

    And, Kit Kats are the way to the toddler's heart? Hmmm. Me thinks her boy toy will like knowing that.