Sunday, November 25

Obligatory "We're Home" Post

Since our entire family is mostly inept at making phone calls, all relatives can consider themselves informed that we survived the drive home. And I only wanted to throw the dogs out the window one time, so that should tell you it was a pretty good drive home. But then again, that's what happens when I'm able to convince my husband that we should stop in Columbus and shop for a while. A little mall action always makes things better, especially when Cinnabon is involved.

Speaking of better, if anybody managed to get a photo of all the grandkids not making funny faces, please send it to me. You just know we will never get them all in the same place at the same time again and this photo isn't exactly 8x10 material. But it is pretty humerous :-)


  1. That picture is priceless - I love all the funny faces!! Take care and glad you made it home safely. Kellan

  2. Oh, I'd so make it 8x10 just for kicks. Gotta love kids. :)

    I think there's gotta be a happy medium between your family not calling and mine calling too often. We live 20 minutes from my in-laws and it's always "call to let us know you got home." UGH. When I didn't call, they caught on after 15 years and stopped asking.

  3. I like that picture! Glad your trip home went well...yummy Cinnabon...I think I drooled a little!

    It is insanely hard to take a picture and get everyone looking, smiling, sitting...oh, forget it- just take the darn thing (that is how it goes here anyway!)--but my hubby's mom will try to get all 14 grandkids together and she won't give up until someone is crying

  4. Now that is a much more accurate portrayal of a family! Funny!
    I used to work for a portrait studio, and wow, is it a hard job.

  5. THAT is totally 8 X 10 material! I love it.

    Glad you made it home safely. I'm with you on the Cinnabon but I actually only like to smell them. I could stand next to one and smell it all day but to actually eat one is too much sweet for me.

  6. So glad you're home safe.

    The picture will speak volumes in ten years. Keep it.

    No one took pictures at our Thanksgiving! Boo hoo.

  7. Not to worry, I'm absolutely keeping that picture. I might have to use it for our Christmas cards I like it so much. Every other shot I took has one or two kids looking a little less than stellar, but that one is just all around no good and I LOVE IT!

    There were about ten cameras flashing non-stop for five minutes, so I'm sure somebody got a picture that might make it seem like they all like each other, but then again, maybe not.

  8. Karen--I would happily take family that calls once in a while. This thing where they go months and months and months is downright frustrating. But every day would be a bit much. Four times a year might be nice.

  9. Yummy Cinnabon. Makes me feel like I need some.