Monday, November 26

Snap, Snap, Giggle, Splash

We had a plan. It was a good one, too. Despite the fact that I really should have gone to work today (since you sort of have to be there to quit), Daddy and I both took the day off with full intentions of going all Clark Griswold in the yard. I mean, c'mon, we could have stayed in Indianapolis another day, but came back anyway. For no other reason but to hang pretty little Christmas lights. But NO, why would the universe want to cooperate with that plan? It hasn't cooperated with us for the past two weekends, why start now?

If you've been assaulting your senses with the Monday Night football game* then you might have an inkling of what has been going on in Pittsburgh all day. Heinz Field isn't the only place that has gotten so much rain that I fully expect to see Noah's Ark come floating through any second. Oh no, our yard is flooded like nothing I have seen since Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc in this area. There's something about electricity, water, ladders, and roofs that don't seem to quite add up to safe, so we were blocked once again from hanging the lights. I am not amused. At this point I need some really cold weather to freeze the ground. Otherwise, I'm going to have to go mudding.

The only productive things to happen all day is that we managed to finish some Christmas shopping, I wrapped a bunch of presents, and Alexis discovered the joy that is dancing on bubble wrap.

*Note to ESPN--Would you please find some half decent announcers? Please? I have had to mute the TV to prevent my ears from bleeding any more than they already have. Oh, and Tony--if you are trying to be funny, you are failing miserably. SHOOSH!


  1. She's so darn cute. I like the hamming it up and then throwing her hands up at the end like "Oh, you're taping me? I never noticed!"

    And yeah. This rain crap needs to stop.

  2. What a cute film with her jumping all over the bubble wrap! Who doesn't love that stuff? And your tree is so pretty and already so many beautiful presents wrapped under it - you go girl! Take care. Kellan

  3. Soo cute.

    My eldest daughter informed me on the ride home from music lessons tonight that EVERYONE knows where I hide the Christmas gifts and could I please move them to a better spot? Guess I'd better get wrapping too, or they'll be no surprises here.

    Gesh. Enjoy the joy. They grow up.

  4. I love dancing on bubble wrap! That is adorable.

  5. Really, is there any problem in life that can't be solved by popping bubble wrap? :)

  6. Wow! Your tree looks like one of those designer trees.
    Dancing on bubble wrap - now why didn't I ever think of that? I love how she sees you taping her, and she's like "Mommy! You know you can't have proof of me being cute!"-all hands up in the air and stuff.

  7. Jayna--The rain can keep it up, just so long as it moves South where they actually need it. We're good around here.


    Leanne--There will be no surprises around here. Alexis helped me wrap all her presents. Mind you, she was with me when I bought it all, too. Maybe next year we'll go for the element of surprise.

    Karen--Bubble wrap is like big sheets of happiness, isn't it?

    Sports Mama--I can't think of any problems that bubble wrap can't make better.

    Jen--I didn't actually think of dancing on bubble wrap. I've been known to jump on it, but Alexis was the first to prove that dancing on it is the most fun you can have. It kept her busy for over 30 minutes, so I highly recommend it as a harmless activity!

  8. I am soooo with you on those announcers. They SUCK!! We yell more at the announcers than at the players.

    I so wish they could clone Al Michaels. Sunday night football, now that's what I'm talkin' about.

  9. Look at your tree!! I'm so jealous! And that's an awfully cute little elf you have there.

    Thanks for wanting to send the rain down here. It rained all day yesterday and I didn't mind at all even though I was out Christmas shopping yesterday, which meant getting in and out of the car 100 times with a dripping umbrella.

  10. Kidzmama--They are so bad it actually distracts me from paying attention to the game. If I were the drinking game type, I totally would have been playing one last night. One drink for every time they mentioned that the field was in bad shape would have had me passed out on the floor by half-time, but then I wouldn't have been so annoyed by them. I guess they didn't think I could see the puddles and huge chunks of missing turf.

    Madame Queen--Yay! You got rain! Now we just need to send you a few more inches because I'm kind of freaked out by the whole praying for a solution to the water shortage rather than actually coordinating a solution thing. Or maybe the prayers worked since you did get some rain. Who knows.

  11. THe game...oh, dear lord, please tell me I didn't stay up to watch the whole thing--yeah, I said it, the WHOLE thing---what in the world was I thinking?? Oh, I was something about the fact that this was the Pittsburgh Steelers....and they were playing the Miami Dolphins- the worst team in the NFL--I kept saying, they will score this time. So I waited....and waited...and waited...and cursed and waited....and cursed and waited and waited and cursed and cursed (you get the idea!)...

    I love that the Steelers nice to share their field and all...but seriously, astroturf anyone??? When the field almost makes us lose to the Miami Dolphins -- did I mention the worst team in the NFL--then maybe we need to stop sharing or get fake grass!

    Okay- done my little rant!

    LOVED- LOVED- LOVED the bubble wrap dance. I think that just might be the next big dance craze to sweep the nation - come on everyone, you know you want, do the bubble wrap!

    I'm off to find some bubble wrap!

  12. Sadly, I did stay up to watch the whole thing. If I'd known I just needed to watch the last 20 seconds, I would have. That's four hours of my life I'll never get back. *Sigh*