Friday, November 16

On the Other Hand, He's Pretty Cute When he Cleans

One of my favorite things about blogland is occasionally discovering that I am not alone in my way of thinking. I might be insane, but so are some of you. And a LOT of you are insane because your husbands/significant others think it is a genius idea to buy expensive plastic crap with lots of wires. Thank you to everyone that shared your similar story. It actually made me feel a little bit better. I still want to chuck the Wii into the Ohio River, or at the very least sell it on eBay, but knowing that I am not alone somehow takes the edge off of things.

Since I so thoroughly whined about my husband and his magical annoying abilities yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you some of the really great things he does (in between spells of driving me crazy). Conveniently enough, Red Pen Mamma tagged me the other day with Crazy Eights. She did several, but my favorite was eight things she's grateful for. I think I can work with that.

I am grateful that my husband:

1. Is a diaper master. I don't have to ask, he just changes them. In fact, if we are both around, it is his job. Even Alexis is aware of who is in charge of wiping her butt. If she poops and he is around, she tells him, takes him a diaper, and waits for assistance. She has been known to pass me by in her moment of need.

2. Will cook dinner. He doesn't like to do it, but he will. Granted, if he cooks dinner it is usually of the instant variety, but there is not much better than a frozen pizza that finds its own way into the oven when there are 18,452 things on your To Do list.

3. Does the laundry. All of it. Always. OK, so he dug his own grave on this one, but he's been doing it for many years at this point and very seldom complains about it.

I know some of you are wondering, so I'll just spill the story on how that came to be. When we first were living together, I did the laundry. One day, I was taking towels out of the dryer and folding them. He felt the undying need to inform me that I was folding said towels incorrectly. At first I was confused. I stared at him as if he had grown a few extra heads. He mistook that look as me wanting to learn the "correct" way to fold towels. He didn't mistake the next face that I made because it was accompanied by lots of words like, "You have got to be kidding me" and "Just shut up and walk away, will you?" A lovely little disagreement ensued and the outcome was that he could just do all the d*mn laundry himself, thank you very much. Ten years later, it's still his job. For which I am eternally grateful.

4. Cleans the bathrooms. (Let's get this part out of the way right now--he's mine, you can't have him. And yes, he cleans the bathrooms.) We divided up the chores years ago with me getting the kitchen, dining room, and living room. He took the bathroom and bedroom. I would much rather wipe a kitchen counter every single day than wipe a toilet once a week, so it works out quite nicely for all parties involved.

5. Joins in on my holiday insanity. If he weren't married to me, I can guarantee that he would not have a single Christmas decoration anywhere. It's not his thing. But yet, he will be up on the roof putting up lights tomorrow. He will probably, at some point, comment about our Scrooge neighbors not at least putting up one little thing. And he will mock the neighbors that do hang a few lights for not even coming close to having a yard that looks as good as ours does.

6. Buys me flowers for no reason. How can anyone not love that?

7. Is a great Father. One of my favorite things to do is to eavesdrop on him and Alexis playing. Many nights they go upstairs before I do and will listen to Signing Time music. They sing together, they laugh together, they bounce on the bed together. It's the best sound in the world.

8. Is a great husband.

I'm feeling far too lazy right now to tag anyone else with this lovely little meme, but if you want to go for it, just leave a comment and consider yourself tagged.


  1. Well, since you seem stuck on the idea of keeping your husband ;), maybe you can just rent him out to teach my husband how to so the laundry and clean that bathroom. He does sound like a keeper...even if he buys silly plastic toys that cost more then my grocery bill! So glad that you can find all these wonderful things about your hubby. I love men who are great dads - there is nothing better then a man with his children. How great that you have one of those wonderful men and that Alexis will grow up knowing so much love from her daddy. Hey, my little man is in need of a diaper change...can you send your husband over?

  2. So often when I'm around women, they are complaining about their husbands, and it drives me crazy. This was a nice change, and I'm sure he appreciated it (you did let him read it, right?)

  3. How wonderful! I've been married for 15 years and have yet to train my husband to do chores. Wow. He sounds like a gem, and a wonderful father.

    Do you have a training manual?

  4. I adore my spouse! He cleans! Better than I do. Yes he drives me mad sometimes, but he cleans! eveerything!

    What more could I want? Plus he has great genes to pass onto my babies ;)

  5. Sorry, I don't have a training manual. He mostly came became equipped with the able to clean option thanks to the military. They didn't teach him how to pick up after himself, but he does know how to change the sheets. You win some, you lose some.

  6. angela6:20 AM

    hi! was just blog hopping when I stumbled onto yours :)
    cleans bathrooms? does the laundry?
    I AM SO JEALOUS! My husband's a nice guy and all but sadly, he can be rather a slob :( the more he tries to clean, the bigger mess he creates. I just don't know how he does it!
    Oh well, like you said, you win some, you lose some ;)

  7. Mr Husband SPEAKS!! I've never seen a video with that. And, know what? His voice totally doesn't sound like what I would've thought. Not Midwestern at all!