Monday, December 17

The One in Which We Discover Who IS the Boss

I have made no big secret of what Alexis is getting for Christmas. In fact, if she hasn't figured it out by now, she's just not paying attention. Not only have I shopped right in front of her, I have wrapped all of her gifts with her full assistance. All of her gifts except the Signing Time videos, that is. I'm no fool, I knew if she saw them that there would be no waiting until Christmas.

(While we're on the subject, I should probably admit that they arrived on a day when I came home from lunch. It took every ounce of energy I had to go back to work and not spend the afternoon lounging on the couch watching her videos. Do you know the last time I watched the TV without 18 million other things going on? Me thinks it's been a long time.)

So I kept the videos discreetly stashed in nearly plain view and finally brought them out to wrap them yesterday. I would have wrapped them when Alexis was nowhere to be found, but since she doesn't seem to have a life of her own, I decided to do it while she happily played in her kitchen. I don't know what caught her attention, but of course she came running just as I had a DVD in my hands. She stole it. Then she proceeded to proclaim, "Signing Time!" Then she started to make out with the box. She was hugging and kissing Rachel as if it had been months since they had seen one another. They really ought to get a room.

I figured at that point I was screwed and would be opening the DVD for her to watch it. But she didn't ask me to. Nope. Instead, she started looking for Daddy and saying, "Daddy, help watch Signing Time." Except he was outside and out of hearing range. Wouldn't you know it, she never did ask me. I was able to wrangle the box out of her hand, wrap it, and carry on with my business.

Apparently somebody has figured out that I don't condone TV watching. But she knows who does. Sucker.


  1. Oh, daddy! We must have different signing videos. I don't know Rachel. I'm probably glad, right? Just the football headed Latina over here.

  2. Is that your yard ornament? And where are the outdoor decor photos that were promised?

    We need to chat about those Signing Time vids. Which would be the best for a non-verbal little someone?

  3. That is an awesome blow-up thingy. But, just one? There can't be just one.

    I second Karen. Where are those outdoor decor photos?

  4. Okay, a third "Where are the outside photos we were promised?" :)

    I can't believe you were able to get the DVD away from her. And maybe she went to Daddy with it because she knows how %(#$*@$*#@ hard those things are to open. I usually end up shoving them at my husband and saying "Here! You open it!"

  5. That inflatable thingy is the only one. Or, it was. It actually died not long after that photo was taken. Mr. Husband is determined to repair the gaping hole in the bottom, but we shall see.

    Your photos are coming just as soon as my lazy butt hangs the wreaths on the window and walks outside to take the photos. Maybe tonight. Maybe not.

    AFF--You seriously wish you had the Rachel vidoes. They kick butt in an educational without making me want to launch myself off the nearest cliff sort of way.

    Karen--What were your words? Good things come to those who wait? Yeah, something like that.

  6. I had no idea those inflatable thingies got holes in them. I'm so glad for the heads up. We can't keep an inflatable pool intact so there is no way we could ever own one of those. And it's a shame because Micah LOVES them. LOVES THEM.

  7. ah, yes. Monkey and I fight the TV battle almost daily. I do let her watch some, but, as with toddlers, give an inch, they want a mile. Worse than her father, however, are the in-laws. When they have her (once or twice a month, so I can pretend to clean my house), it is 8 hours of TV viewing. And she's a spaz for me at night. ARGH!

    I have no comment on the yard ornament. I am still waiting for DearDR to hang lights. Or buy a tree.


  8. RPM--I know that feeling well. I can guarantee that Alexis will watch the entire collection of Signing Time DVDs while we are at Grandma's house this weekend. Daddy still wins the prize, though, since she hangs out with him far more frequently. They are currently on an "all Shrek, all the time" bender.

  9. ooh yes...we have "shrek-donkey-kitty-feeeooona" marathons in my house...and Gavin doesn't even own the third movie (yet...thanks Santa!). Justin is AWFUL about letting Gavin watch TV...even during dinner, whereas, I use "Goodnight Star" (what Gavin calls the Goodnight Show on Sprout) as a bartering tool for eating a decent amount of dinner.
    so how much screaming was there as you wrestled away the video? I think if Gavin saw me wrapping Shrek-3, my eardrums would burst from his shrieks of protest as I pulled it from his grasp.
    You are definitely The Boss.

  10. Colleen--There was not a single scream. I don't know if it was because she realized I'm the boss, or if she just thinks I'm not smart enough to figure out how to use the DVD player and big TV. If it's the latter then I fully intend to keep on playing stupid.

    In our house, Shrek 3 is called "Shek Babies" and it is required that you fast forward to the part where the babies are on screen. Since I'm mean, I refuse to play along with the game.

  11. Daddy's are fabulous when mommy says no. My kids would love your blow up decoration!

  12. Oh, you think you are the boss! That's so cute.