Sunday, December 30

Random Thoughts Strike Again

- Proof that having kids really does change everything: We were seated near the register at Eat 'n Park (Pittsburgh's version of Denny's). A woman with ill-fitting sweat pants, a mismatched shirt, and hair that obviously hadn't been combed for a while went up to pay. I couldn't help but think to myself "She's a mess." After paying, she returned to her table. When she left a few minutes later with her husband, a Toddler, and twins that looked to be about 6-months old in tow, I thought, "Damn, she looks good."

- Alexis took a horrible excuse for a nap today. At first it looked like it was going to be one of those days when you just struggle through and pray for bedtime to come quickly, but then Alexis decided to turn being tired into an excuse to cuddle. She spent a solid two hours laying around with me happy to just cuddle. If I thought nap deprivation could go that way every time, I would poke the bear every single time she tried to take a nap.

- My Fantasy Football season has come to an end and I am a LOSER. I took 9th out of 13 teams. I would be thoroughly embarrassed about that fact, but careful examination of the games shows that I really do know how to bring out the best in other teams. Six of my losses were against teams that posted their best score of the season when playing me. And we're not talking about improvements of just a few points. For example, Jewels scored no more than 24 points when playing other teams. Against me, she scored 105. If I could bottle those inspirational powers up and sell them, I'd be so rich.

- I want to be excited that the Steelers have made the playoffs, but it's just not working for me. I can't imagine that they'll go very far without Parker.

- A question for some of you Moms: Alexis knows all of the important body parts and has started to ask about a few that I was kind of hoping to pretend didn't exist for a while. I think I would be completely traumatized if my one-year old started spewing the proper terms for *you know*, but I don't want to teach her any cutesy terms (although, va-jay-jay cracks me up like you wouldn't believe). Should I continue ignoring the question (I hate doing that by the way, I try to always answer whatever she asks), or go for it knowing that she will walking around telling everyone what she's packing in those little Gap jeans?

- We had a glimpse of our future earlier today when we were trying to leave to go eat lunch and Alexis decided she didn't want to go. She locked herself in her house and yelled "No" through the windows for fifteen minutes. The kid is in way too much of a hurry to be a teenager. Mind you, she's a teenager that wears the same Dora t-shirt just about every single day.


  1. Va-jay-jay is the funniest word ever. And would be cute even from a toddler. But we've always just called everything contained in the pants your butt. They can learn technicalities later. It's not really a lie (which I don't do to my kids, or anyone) and it satisfies the question.

  2. It's me (WFM), I just changed my profile name. Va ja jay is cute. My son kept asking what his private was (16 mo.). We told him it was a "wee wee". NOW when anyone comes over he points to it and says "wee wee".

    OY. VE.

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Va-jay-jay makes me giggle everytime I read/say it :)

    I've made the "She's a mess" assumptions before and then felt like crap about it when I saw the 4 children she was toting along. Plus, really? I look like crap. I shouldn't judge others :)

  4. We just refer to that area as the "poh-poh" (rhymes with ho ho). Works for girls and boys! Very versatile.

  5. I'm secretly in awe of your fantasy football playing. As big a football fan as I am you would think I would get into it. But frankly, I'm intimidated and have no idea where to begin!

    As for body parts, I had no problem teaching Bubba about his p*enis but it freaks me out to think about Punkin using the correct word for some reason. So far, she just calls it her bottom and that works for me!

    As for naps...I think Punkin is just about ready to drop hers. But I'm completely not ready!!

  6. Anonymous6:15 AM

    There is something on my blog for you ;)

  7. There is something on my blog for you ;)

  8. Yeah..the woman with all the kids...if she had clothes on of any kind- she looks great!

    Alexis and the Dora shirt everyday...sounds just like a teenager- they wear the same things all the time too...

    Oh, the NO and not coming out...good luck. If you figure out how to curb it- let me forward until she is 3.5 and you have my Ashlyn...stills saying NO and full of teenage attitude

    As far as the body parts goes...I just told mine what they were all called and yeah, she told everyone at daycare about nipples and more....but that is what we did. I'm sure everyone has a different opinion on this so just go with what you feel most comfortable with. I don't know anyone who is in therapy because their mom did or did not tell them the proper names for their parts.

    Yeah- the Steelers and the playoffs....not all that excited myself. We have Jacksonville first...even if we win that- I'm not sure we can get past the Colts and, I'm not all too excited myself. Sorry about your fantasy league!

  9. I would say tell her what they are called. There is nothing wrong or dirty about the correct words for anything in this world. So if she does chose to tell people 'what she's packing' well so be it.
    That being said, I know one day Sasha is going to tell his preschool class about the "b**ches" he has at home and we're going to get called in for a talk.
    I'll fight it though. They use that word during the televised dog shows about 30 kabillion times and no one censors them.

  10. i am guilty of teaching my kids the proper names at young ages. i know that so many people chose little nick names but...quite honestly...i don't like any of those names. my 10 year old daughter...she JUST started calling her vagina a va-jay-jay...she thinks it's hysterical!
    so, if you ask me...stick with the proper names. it just sounds better.'ll wow people when they announce things about their body parts, when they say it properly! ;)

  11. Didn't realize that I made a trip to the Eat N' Park...with an extra child. heh heh! seriously, that's my usual uniform when I don't have to go into the office. my husband hates it, but since I'm still in a perpetual state of clothes not quite fitting right after this baby, and laundry up to the ceiling, he's just going to have to remember his wedding vows.

    oh, and I don't blame you for not really wanting to give Alexis the real names for those private cousin's kids knew those words from really early ages and I think she sort of regretted it, although I loved the stories of her daughter, at age 2, pointing out men out in public and sharing that they have penises. Me? Well, I fail as a parent and refuse to name any parts and just lumped them altogether as "boy parts" to Gavin. But I like Karen's idea of saying it's her bottom, too. It's also vague, but not incorrect, and not a funny nick-name.

  12. We just used "private parts" till the kids were a little older. It reinforced that those parts were off limits to everyone but doctors and spouses. Occasionally to mom, if there's a problem. But I'm modest and it had better be a BIG problem (this was after about age 5 or 6). It wasn't till they were about 5 or 6 that we started learning the names of parts. Even then, we had cute names that were socially acceptable, while learning the proper names. Then they meet other children and learn the names that aren't so acceptable ...

  13. Ask Moxie had a post about naming girl parts, with tons of comments (ranging from deep to funny): Mentally, I want to just call them by their real names, but I find myself already referring to them as "girl parts."

    Sorry about your fantasy football team! There is just a lot of luck involved in FF, and what can you do but play your best players. Last year, I did horribly and came in last. This year, I was in two leagues and came in 3rd in the playoffs, even though I lead both leagues almost the whole year.

    I'm betting (figuratively) that the Steelers will do pretty well in the playoffs. They've got enough talent. I'm super excited that the Skins are in! (Sorry, but I am a huge Skins fan.) But I don't think they will make it far at all. Time will tell.

  14. I was always taught twat. It was descriptive without going too far. I'm still too traumatized from my son grabbing my boob goose-style to think about naughty body parts.

  15. ROFL--Va-jay-jay!!!

    I would go with what you feel most comfortable with calling everything. We use the proper names for body parts,...but I do stay things like "pee pee" for the act of doing so...

  16. As far as the Steelers, what jersey do you think I got for Christmas? Guess. Consider my luck. Yep, Parker. I am so bummed he is hurt, and if we play anything like this last game it will be a disgrace. Hopefully, they will get really motivated.

    As for the parts, one argument for not calling everything bum, or girl parts happened at my job last time. Bella peed her pants 6 times in one hour, and when I asked her mom if she was aware that she has a urinary tract infection she said, "She told me her bum hurt, so I put cream on it". Bella was using the term "bum" because she didn't know a term for the area that really was hurting.

  17. Miss Peach actually hopped into bed and cuddled, it was so cute! I got no answers on the body parts...we haven't hit that yet...I suppose I'll need an answer soon enough:)

  18. laundrylessons10:05 PM

    As tough as it seems...use the proper terms. Those cute terms will come back to haunt you. My cousin, when she was about four asked her Sunday School class to pray for her grandma's "ginney". Grandma had just had a hestorectomy. Anyway, I always taught the correct word and then when they hit 9 or 10 they come home with the silly ones.

  19. I was already leaning towards the real names, and y'all are pretty much pushing me over the fence. Thanks for your input! Now, let's just hope she doesn't ask again for a while because I really am not looking forward to the moment when my one-year old screams "VAGINA" in the middle of the grocery store. She will, you know.

  20. All the real words for our private areas make me laugh like a 14 year old boy. I can't bring myself to teach them. I am an immature dork. I agree with Karen on this one (she just says it better than I do), they can learn the technicalities later.

    Love the snuggly time. For some reason your "poke the bear" reference made me giggle more than it probably should have.

    My husband is hereby jealous that you are such a fantasy football girl. He stunk it up this year too. He got beat handily by his 15 year old nephew.

    :) Happy New Year!

  21. Isn't it funny how a good or bad nap can make the evening great or miserable. It is funny though, just when you are prepared for a hard night due to no nap, they throw you for a loop!

    Yes, we are big Steeler fans too, but don't expect much during the play offs. Sort of sad.

  22. Teach it to her in Spanish, or preferrably Swahili or something no one around will understand.