Sunday, December 16

The Reindeer Games Have Ended, but Not the Friendship

Remember when I asked you to come play a reindeer game with me? Well, y'all pretty much said to do it. However, I thought it might be a bit risky to take advice from a bunch of strangers, so I consulted Bertha the Christmas Bulldog. I set the wrapped regiftable regifted gifts down by her side and let her ponder it for a while.

She said "Do it." So I did. Today.

I was at Oblivious' house so that we could fulfill our annual tradition of baking ridiculous volumes of Christmas cookies. I thoughtfully waited until the baking was nearly complete and the extra visitors were gone, then whipped out the boxes with a, "These are from Alexis." I shot Mr. Husband several "keep your mouth shut glances" and waited patiently to see what would happen.

"Oh, I love these!"

Then she hesitated. I knew right then and there she knew she had given them to us last year. So I explained how they came to be in my possession. And waited. And waited.

She started laughing. "You must think I'm such a goofus!"

She swears she will not be giving them back to me next year. We'll just have to see about that. It should be noted, however, that it would be totally acceptable if she were to forget where she got the super-cool puffy heart Sterling Silver bracelet that was her real gift this year, and it were to somehow end up back in my possession. I do have a birthday coming up next month.

Regifting the regifted gifts was not the funniest thing to happen today. This was:

Don't ask me why. I have no idea how it can be funny to have a fellow toddler pretend to be Aunt Gertrude and tug on your cheeks, but those two could hardly breathe they were giggling so hard.


  1. Regifting the regifting is a double negative meaning IT'S ALL GOOD, right? Right.

    LOVE that shot and those cheeks.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad it went well and that she laughed.

    The pinch the cheeks thing must be all the rage amongst the toddler set because that is Punkins favorite thing to do to me. She, however, takes great delight in pulling my skin out much farther than it ever should go!!

  3. That's absolutely hysterical. I'm so glad she's a wonderfully dear good sport and you both got a good laugh over it. Here's hoping they remain on her tree for a few years.

  4. I NEED a Christmas bulldog. Can I have yours????


  5. Glad she handled it well. Don't you love it when kids have inside jokes? Kids laugh at everything. Adults are so boring - when was the last time someone pinched your cheeks, then cracked up?

  6. That is too funny! And, Alexis just has those cute little cheeks that just have to be pinched. She's a doll. Have a good week. Kellan

  7. Wonderful World of Weiners--All things can be had. For a price. ;-)

    Actually, she hails from the land of Macy's or the vastness that is the world wide web. She's Department 56 crap.

  8. I'm with WWW-where do I get a Christmas Bulldog?

    YOu know what? If I were on the receiving end of a regigted regift I would laugh my dorky bum off! That's good stuff!

  9. I love that you regifted your original gift. How fun to be ABLE to do it. My husband has been given the same plastic orange poncho in his stocking since 1997. My mother thinks she's funny.

    Cheek pinching is adorable.

    How's your FF team doing? I feel a SUPER BOWL a comin' on!!

  10. AFF--I bring out the best in other people's FF teams. Therefore, I am SUCKING. Blah.

  11. AWE! such a sweet picture. I love it!

  12. I agree with the toddlers...that is funny!

    and glad Oblivious got a good kick out of it...that's the mark of a good friend. :)

    and I'm wondering if they have a Christmas Boston Terrier??? ;)