Sunday, February 10

More Questions Answered

Remember when I told you to ask me anything? Well, here's some more answers for you:

Pam asked:
1. Do you want more kids?
Yes. We are most certainly not done, but right now the Inn is full. There isn't even so much as an empty drawer where we could stick another baby. So unless someone invents a way to hang a crib out the window, we need to buy/build a new house before we add to the clan. There's also the matter of knowing that we would like to adopt an older child that we will eventually attend to. Someday.

2. Dream vacation?
A six-week tour of all things Disney. One of my goals in life is to visit each and every Disney park and so far I've got Florida, California, and Paris under my belt. Tokyo NEEDS to happen, and I need a return trip to everywhere I've been.

3. Favorite thing about Alexis? Mr. Husband?
My favorite thing about Alexis is her sense of humor. The girl dishes it out just as well as she takes it, and I LOVE it. OK, so maybe I don't think it's all that funny when she insists on slamming doors in my face, but she really gets a kick out of it, especially when it's the French door going into her room. There must be something about seeing my smashed face that's extra, extra funny. As for Mr. Husband, my favorite thing is how hard he tries to make everybody happy. It gets him in trouble sometime (fruit snacks before bed, for example), but I love that he tries.

4. I know you have lived in a lot of places- what is/was your favorite place to live?
Hands down, Pittsburgh. I love the Burgh. Orlando would be my second favorite.

5. Besides your computer - favorite daily life item you can't live without?
My bed. And -oh- how I miss sleeping in it for 10 hours uninterrupted. Shoosh with your "that'll never happen again" comments, too. I prefer to tightly clutch my pipe dreams, thank you very much.

Melissa asked:
1. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Riding the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World. Or my bed. Both places make me very, very happy.

2. If you had 20 million dollars what would you do with it? Pay off all of our bills, buy a new house (not a mansion, my dream house does not include the need for maid service), go back to college and finish my Masters, pay for Mr. Husband to get his Masters, put back a crapload for Alexis, and then help out some of our family with the few hundred dollars that would be left.

3. If you could go back and change one decision you've made what would it be? I thought about this one all weekend and can't think of a single one. Sure, I've made tons of bad decisions along the way, but something good came of every single one. Really. I took a crappy job with a crappy company a few years ago, and it sucked all the live long day, but I met some great people there. I wouldn't trade them for not going through some of that misery. Even that time in the first grade that I got sent to the principal's office for stealing Chris's ski cap ended up having a rosy outcome.

4. If you could change one thing in your life right now what would it be? Preferably without having to give up the silly things in life like, you know, food.

5. Are you happy? Yup. What's not to be happy about? I have a great kid, a great husband, and a great job. If I could get that great house, I'd be in heaven.

1.Where did you get your sense of humor?
Without going into details, my childhood sucked big hairy donkey balls. I had two choices, revel in my misery and allow it to consume me, or look at the happy side of life. I chose and still choose the latter.

2. What do you do to destress? Hang out with Alexis, preferably coloring or reading. If she's not feeling the love, then I will read by myself. Frankly, these days her books are more fun.

3.What movie or novel title best fits your life?
Sorry to be a disappointment, but I can't think of any. I tried asking Mr. Google for ideas, but he didn't seem to want to be of any help.

4. What food do you eat that you swore to everyone else you would never, ever eat? Again, I'm sorry, but I've got nothing. I'm pretty good about not making promises to myself or others that I won't keep. There was about a ten-second window where I thought I could give up all things containing gelatin (since it's not vegetarian), but then gummy worms came floating through my conciousness, and I discarded the idea. We are talking about the person that swore off meat as part of a bet, and still hasn't eaten it 17 years later. If I say I ain't eating it, I ain't eating it.

5. What is one movie you've seen and TV show that you watch(ed) that you swear/swore you never, ever watch(ed)?
Movies? What are those? As for TV shows--Lost. I didn't watch it the entire first season because I don't like to watch new shows (I hate when I love something and then it gets cancelled). Then I swore I wouldn't get involved in something that would just leave me dazed and confused. I now sit here dazed and confused. Who or what is Jacob anyway?

6. If you could give your 18-year-old self advice (knowing what you know now), what would it be?
Lie on that college application and say you are a resident of Ohio. Use a PO Box or something. That out-of-state tuition thing is a killer.

Madame Queen wants to know:
If you had a to glue a baseball to somewhere on your body for the rest of your life, where would you put it and why?
My forehead. If I'm going to have a big ball hanging off me, it might as well be in plain view. That would have to be better than trying to conceal it and having people constantly try to figure out what I was packing. And for the love of gummy worms, what is the story behind that question?

Jenni wonders:
If you had to give up one of the following, forever, which would it be, a) tampons, b)toothpaste or c)deodorant?
I'm pretty sure you meant to add d)none of the above to that list. No? OK, then, I'd give up deodorant. There is no way I could ever go without toothpaste since I can't even take a shower without brushing my teeth first. A girl has got to have her tampons, but I'm pretty sure I'd grow accustomed to my own stench, leaving the rest of you to suffer if I was forced (at gunpoint) to get by without deodorant.

There are way more questions to be answered, but I'm going to save them for next weekend. Thanks, y'all, for playing along!


  1. You would think I would have edited that photo for a millisecond and bothered to blur the Christmas tree in the background. Whoops. Oh well, I'll just admit that yes, there is still one tree standing. It's in Alexis' room and it's her tree, so it's her problem. Or something.

    (Note to self: Stick the dang thing in a tub already and be done with it.)

  2. Okay, here's what I do. Now that the kids are older if they come into my room to ask me something or bug me on a day I can sleep in, I open one eye and ask them if there's blood or fire around. They pause, answer no, then I tell them not to EVER bug me again whenI'm sleeping unless there is and I roll over. They get it after about the third time and about twice a month now I GET my TEN hours in bed. I need it. I love it. I'm gonna have it. You'll get it again too.

  3. OK, I rode the Tower of Terror...Scared the bajeezes out of me!

  4. Ohhhh...bed. I think I will go there now....I would have added bath to that list as well it is like a mini vacation.

    You are a funny girl.

  5. pups mommy12:52 AM

    How does that precious child have so many adorable clothes???

  6. Hi there! I am doing a little "Blog Surfing" and came across your blog.

    I love the question thing. I did this awhile ago on my blog and I need to do it again. Fun stuff!

  7. Funny stuff! I give you credit for doing this!


  8. You are awesome. I have thought about doing something similar but I don't know that I could make it nearly as interesting or fun to read.

    I'm also in denial about the notion that I will never again be able to take back the night and make it my own. Someday, I WILL sleep for ten hours straight and not feel one bit guilty about it when I wake up!! :)

  9. I am so sleeping 10 hours straight one day. My children will leave home eventually, or at least that is what I tell myself.

    I loved reading this. Thankyou.

  10. VERY Interrr-esting! The story behind that question is that in high school I had this very unusual teacher for all four years. At the beginning of every year he'd make us answer this list of questions ranging from kinda weird to truly bizarre (like the baseball). At the end of the year he'd give us our papers back and we'd see if any of our answers had changed. Then, our senior year, he gave us back four years worth and it was very interesting to see our progression over the 4 years. The baseball one always kind of stuck with me.

  11. You know what I love about you? That not only do you have a great sense of humor, but you love the life you've lived enough to not change a thing. No regrets. That's great.

  12. HA,HA, HA - you ARE one of those people after all!
    Seriously, the fact that you want to adopt an older child at some point makes me respect you even more. That, and your awesome attitude about life, despite having a crappy childhood.
    Oh, and we are starting the process of looking for a new house now, so if you need someone to complain to about the process, I'm your gal. Pittsburgh over Orlando - puh-lease.

  13. It's the roaches that clinch the Pittsburgh over Orlando thing. Honest to goodness, I would rather deal with our current 3 degrees than see one of those nasty things in the shower (again). Also, the drivers in Orlando make me want to ram my car into the nearest wall.

  14. Pups mommy--I find that kids can have WAY more cute clothes if you only shop clearance racks. The panda bear outfit was a Gymboree splurge at $25 for the pants and t-shirt. It was a necessity because she's obsessed with panda bears and I wanted her 2-year old photos to be in a panda outfit while holding her Bear (mission accomplished).

    Normally, I won't pay more than $20 for a complete outfit for the kid, and that is only if I'm really, really desperate for said outfit. I prefer to keep it under $10.

  15. After eleven years there, Orlando is one of my LEAST favorite places to live. It changed a lot in that time. Tulsa? Yeah!

    Fun answers! And ten hours of sleep DOES happen when they get older.

  16. I'm a big Disney World addict myself. I plan trips WAY in advance, then spend the interim checking out every WDW website/message board I can find.

    And given the Burgh's -20 wind chills today, those roaches are looking better and better. I love how they call them palmetto bugs to make them sound better. No - once they invade your house, you know they are roaches.

  17. I loved the Tower of Terror. I went on it with my son (he was 6 at the time) and I was more worried about how he would react. When the ride was done he said, "Is that it?" He wanted to go on again. If the line wasn't over an hour long I would have said YES!!!


  18. I enjoyed reading more about you! I just can't understand one of them, though - The Tower of Terror! That makes you happy?!!!!! It gave me nightmares! I was in tears! I rode it at night, so when the doors open, it was dark outside. Never again!

  19. I have my whole "winter wonderland" above my kitchen cabinets. I was just looking at them this weekend thinking I need to get them down. I'm going with the "it's a winter decoration" instead of a "Christmas decoration" concept

  20. Oh, Maria, the Tower of Terror is your friend! I do believe I have ridden it at least one hundred times. I can even recite the narrative to the movie you watch before the best.ride.ever. Love it, love it, love it.

  21. These answers just make me like you even more! I feel the same about regrets... I have no time for them, because everything that's happened has lead me to become who I am and where I am today. I'm happy to hear someone else has the same attitude.

  22. LOVE THE TOWER OF TERROR! I start giggling in anticipation of it when we're in the room with the movie. Really. I think I become like 10 years old the second I walk through the turnstiles at Disney. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon and I can't wait to go back again, although going back with kids is not as appealing as going back sans kids. Is that bad?
    Also, glad to hear you want more kids...Alexis could use a sibling or two to make mischief with!
    And even though I seem to remember you mentioning your veganism, I didn't realize you were so hard-core! Good for you!
    Me? I love my buffalo chicken wings too much. And lots of other meat products. And I hate green beans. Other veggies I tolerate to one extent or the other, but green beans?...well...this video could be me.

  23. You haven't eaten meat in 17 years because of a bet?! You are hard core.

  24. Are you a busy bloggin' mama these last few days. I love the responses. What fun to learn so much about you!!!

  25. i love all of your answers. I didn't get online all weekend and it's been a fun thing to catch up on!

  26. I'm definitely going to have to visit the Burgh one day, now that you say how great it is!

  27. I love that you would not change any "bad" decisions in your life. Love that!
    Everything happens for a reason!

  28. My question is just, would you like to pop on over to my blog a sec and pick up a little gift I left there today?

  29. I'd like to join you on the Disney tour. I've lived in California and Florida...and I can never get enough!! It is the happiest place on earth ya know ;)

    Loved your are too funny!

  30. it's ok - our tree just went to the curb last week and that was only because my mom was coming to visit and I didn't want her to be totally horrified that we STILL had our Christmas tree.

  31. Thanks for answering my questions! You are too fun! I can't wait to read the rest of your answers next week!

  32. i love that she likes to slam your face in the door. that's hilariousness at its peak. friggin hilarious! peyton thinks it's the world's funniest thang to sneak his little tush up behind me and slap me in the lower back. bawhahahaha. if that's not funny, little toddler, i don't know what is!

  33. I love these questions. They offer such a glimpse into who you are.

    And I have to admit, being a MD snob, we grew up making fun of the Burgh, but now I think I want to revisit and perhaps form a new opinion.

  34. That's OK, Jenni. We, um, let's go with "make fun" of Baltimore every chance we get, too. It's a requirement.

  35. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Oh, tootsie, you do make me giggle something fierce. Can you believe I've never quite forgiven my dad for choosing Lake Tahoe over a 2nd trip to Paris...the only reason I wanted to go was for the Euro Disney. And, I am forever finding a show in season one that gets the ax. Thanks be to GOD Jericho COMES BACK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

  36. A friend of ours just got back from Disney and didn't get to ride the Tower of Terror! They said the lines were so long that they just didn't think it was worth the wait! How could ANYBODY feel that way?

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