Tuesday, May 13

What Dat?

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a tomboy and that I would much rather spend an evening watching the Pens squish the Philthadelphia Flyers than painting my nails or something silly and girly like that. As such, I long ago figured out how various sports rank in my brain. The list goes a little like this:

1. Basketball
2. Football
3. Hockey
4. Volleyball
5. Biking
10. Curling
15. Figure Skating
17. Water Polo
20. Field Hockey
24. Lacrosse
39. Underwater Basket Weaving
44. Bowling
52. Synchronized Swimming
74. Table Tennis
86. Jello Wrestling
91. Golf
103. One-handed Naked Dodgeball
109. Horizontal Bungee Jumping
116. Snowshoe Ballet
130. Synchronized Snowmobiling

And if you go through probably 400 other sports, you will eventually land on baseball. It's WAY down on the list. I know I should try to care given that we do have a so-called 'Pro' team (I use that terminology VERY loosely) in town, but I can't. I do go to games, but I'm only happy if I have a Primanti's sandwich in one hand and cotton candy in the other. The tickets have to be free and I guarantee the only on-field action I notice is the Pierogi races (go Oliver!).

Anyway, it looks like I'm passing this way of thinking on to the next generation. Earlier today we were watching PTI on ESPN and the Toddler was all about paying attention to it since there is an Elmo in the background of the set.

Every time they would show a shot with Elmo, Alexis would yell: "Ook! It's Elmo!"

When they showed some hockey highlights she said, "Ook, mommy! Penins!"

The NBA playoff clips prompted her to declare, "Basetball!"

They briefly mentioned something football-related and the Toddler yelled, "STEELERS!"

But when baseball came on? She said, "What dat?"

I'm so proud.


  1. She's learning about the ineptitude of the Pirates early. Awesome!

  2. Good job Mom! Teaching her well.

    I love all those sports you put on there, especially Horizontal Bungee Jumping. I'd totally watch that before I'd watch baseball :P

  3. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Oh, my Lord. That poor child. You so need to teach her to love the American past time!

    And, BTW, I LOVE me some curling. Pup & I got WAYY too into it during the last winter olympics.

  4. Yay! I hate baseball. My husband wants to go on a MLB game tour this summer. What the hell ever, I say.

  5. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Haha! Oh, poor Pirates. I want to like them, but I just can't. But then again, I'm a terrible Pittsburgher because I don't like *any* pro-sports.

    ...Go Pens! ;)

  6. I think you're grossly underestimating jello wrestling.

  7. Sorry, baseball fans over here...although hockey fans also (bowing my head in shame over).

    Our boy is going to be a next generation pro ball player...we even picked out his baseball persona name....The Train. hahahaha

    Why not play hockey you ask? I would like to preserve his face! Have you ever seen a hockey player without a crooked nose?

  8. Sounds like you are on the right track! That pic of her driving- very awesome!

  9. I'm not sure baseball would even make my list. Good girl, and you seem to be doing a mighty fine job raising her with that kind of attitude!

  10. Dude. We have to break up now.

  11. My 3 year old son will have to have a chat with Burgh Baby. He insists that we play baseball every afternoon. And after dinner. And every waking moment that Little Einsteins are not on TV. He will be happy to teach her to pay no attention to the Pirates. It's all about the Red Sox. And Manny. And Manny's "locks".

    We root for Oliver too.

  12. You do realize, that no matter how much you may profess to hate the sport, when one of my sons is playing in your town, you WILL come cheer him on, right?

    Its a total bonus that you have no real allegiance to anyone, and so are free to root for whatever team my boys happen to be playing on. :)

  13. Ditto on the baseball. Nothing puts me to sleep faster.

    Love that pic of Alexis cruisin' with a panda :)

  14. ah, america's pastime! nothin' like it.

    except maybe pulling out your fingernails one by one.

  15. Ook! Sweet ride she's got there!!! Me? I would stand in line to see NAKED JELLO (maybe lellow jello?) WRESTLING! And some good hockey and football. Notice I say good. MN lacks in the "good" department. Sigh. When I was younger, I liked baseball. Now it just seems NEVER-ENDING. It seems like there is a game or four every day, and the season goes on. And on. And on somemore. Boring. Just sayin'...

  16. That's funny. As much I as enjoyed my time at Three Rivers Stadium watching the Pirates as I grew up, they kinda are a disappointment lately. Oh well.

    Yum....Primanti Brothers!! I haven't had one of those in years!

    Go Pens!

  17. No baseball? Really?
    Sweet wheels she's got there! I like that picture :)

  18. I'm with you. Basketball (though I like college instead of pro) is totally the best spectator sport. I'm not so into hockey, probably because our local hockey team sucks ass. But baseball? Now baseball REALLY sucks.

    I hate HATE how it takes them like 100 years EACH TIME to throw the pitch. There's lots of ball scratching, spitting, looking around, etc. before each pitch and so the 9 innings take FOREVER!!! Where's the ACTION?

  19. If jello wrestling is so far down on your list, what will we do when I come to visit?


  20. How have I missed Underwater Basketweaving and One Handed Naked Dodgeball all these years?

  21. I have a few comments.

    1. I guess I won't be inviting you to join my bowling league.
    2. I could kick your ass at table tennis. If you want to be my sister you better start practicing - it is a requirement you be good in my family.
    3. One Handed Naked Dodgeball is the scariest thing I have ever heard.
    4. A "Pro" team?! BWAHAHAHA! I go once a year for the fireworks. At least you don't take a girly magazine to read like that one lady I saw!

  22. Curling and synchronized swimming are not real sports. Hockey and football rule!

    Baseball is much more entertaining to see live. Don't ask me to watch a game on TV.

    (Love that the giant panda bear is seat belted in. Safety first!)

  23. Baseball. Blick. Pierogi races. Yay! That's too funny. My middle child is Oliver and he loves onions! And pierogi is our favorite Christmas food.

    BUT... football. Blick. Hockey. Blick. Sports. Blick

  24. One Handed Naked Dodgeball sounds interesting. Is it a professional sport? Because there are a lot of professionals that I would enjoy watching!


  25. You are a riot.

    Where do you come up with these sports? LOL.

    I am off to learn more about Perogi races. Being Polish and all. ;)

  26. I love how you always post pictures of your daughter. You are such a faithful blogger. Completely unlike me. I dont post consistantly. Definitely haven't been checking other blogs as much. So sorry!

  27. LOL! I agree with Alexis...wat dat? ;)

  28. I will happily enable ANYTHING FOR YOU MY BLOGGY BUDDY (after all, you have agreed to jello wrestle with me) but I have no idea how to do what you asked.

    Tell me and I'll do it...ASAP.

    My email (to give me REAL directions)


    Oh and btw...my blog is NOT everywhere - YOU are the one that made the news, not me!!! :(

  29. I love that you have curling at #10 "HAH-DAH!" (that would be canuck for 'harder' for those uninitiated curling viewers).
    I agree about baseball...it sucks donkey balls. But I do not care for basketball one bit. Nope. Not at all. and the fact that my crazy SIL plays it makes me hate it that much more.
    And do you not care for Soccer? or is that too much like watching the novellas on Telemundo?
    (we always laugh about the Magic Water Bottle)

  30. I love you, you watch ESPN?!? I have to fall asleep every night to ESPN News.
    Love your list of sports, I may have been a jello wrestling queen in a past life.
    And dude, I LOVE baseball!! But probably because my brother force fed it down my throat when we were younger. And I have so many insane ties to the Astros, how can I not?

  31. As much as baseball bores me I grew up in a SF Giants family. Being obstinate for no reason other than "because", I always root fot the A's.

    And even with this boredom with baseball, I know Sasha will go to a lot of games. We live within a 5 min or less drive from both a A)Minor League Stadium and B) a NASCAR track. Of the 2 influences I pick baseball.

    -we already live in a redneck town. Lets not add to his poor influences
    -I don't want the track to get more of my money. We hear nothing but engine noise and PA system shouting all race season. It's so loud we can hear it inside the house with the TV on. I pray every day they go out of business. And no, we didn't realize it when we bought.
    -the baseball stadium has $1 nights where tickets, hotdogs, sodas, etc are each only $1. Cheap family friendly outing. And in case of meltdown? Well, we can just leave. I won't be urged to stay just because I spent a small fortune in tickets.
    -catching foulballs is easy there, giving the kid an activity.
    -the minor league team has the same name as the local MLB team. Maybe we can fool him into thinking it's the same for a long time.

  32. I LOVE One Handed Naked Dodgeball! ha ha ha, I think we should get together & watch a tournament of that sometime. Preferrably on some island somewhere so all the men players were nice brown island boys!

    Okay I'm done.

    You're too funny! I have to say I like watching Baseball in person, but CAN'T stand watching it on TV!! I'd rather watch paint dry!

  33. Yeah I have not done my job. I am not a baseball fan but Bean loves it. He like to watch it on tv all.the.time. It sucks.
    I personally am I football fanatic.

  34. That's BLASPHEMY in our house! Although, I should make it clear that the only reason I tolerate baseball is because my husband played it from little league all through college and so he and his parents/brothers are totally into it. He's fully aware that before he came into my life, I never watched a single game willingly. I even admitted to him that I used to lie to my Grandmother when I was younger (huge baseball fan although she barely spoke english) and tell her the game was cancelled when she would ask me to find the channel that the game was supposed to be on. I know I'll probably burn in hell for that one.

    So our only son will likely be groomed to follow is father's footsteps. I don't mind - kids playing any kind of sport is always fun. Maybe not so much Snowshoe Ballet, though.

  35. I don't know if we can continue to be friends. We have VERRRRRY differing views on sports.

    My list:
    1. Baseball. (how can you not LOVE this game????)
    2. College Football
    3. Curling
    4. Hockey
    5. Pro Football
    6. Professional eating competitions....

    Basketball ranks somewhere at the bottom of this list, if it even makes the list at all.

    I think you'd reconsider baseball if you were a Cardinals fan.

  36. Sacrilege! I sentence you to watch "Bull Durham" 100 times!

    Seriously, I find baseball to be a little slow. I'm more of a hockey fan. And if you think you have a bad team, watch the Nationals sometme!

    Peace - D

  37. I'd say that we're a hockey/football/Nascar family. The Ottawa Senators went out sooo fast this year, though. My nephew made it to the provincials, at least. When Reid sees a hockey game, she still cheers for the Sens. When we explain that they aren't playing, she says that it doesn't matter. Given the level of play when they were on the ice, I guess she is right.

    We drive by a Double-A baseball park once or twice a week. She asks about it and so we will try a game or two. Live sports events at that level are very fun to attend.

  38. For me...if baseball was 400...BASKETBALL would be 401. Blech. Living in the land of hoosiers I should be ashamed, I know...but I can't STAND the sport. There's no excitment...

    Hockey is #1 for sure. :D

  39. I love basketball too,
    You need beer, lots of beer, to enjoy baseball--being an Indians fan doesn't hurt either!

  40. I love this! Too funny that she didn't even know what it was!

    How you rank baseball is how I rank basketball. Just not my sport. And gymnastics is pretty high on my list. But I respect your list. It's a good list. Especially One-handed Naket Dodgeball and Snowshoe Ballet!

  41. Watching baseball on tv is like watching paint dry. Ughhhh.

  42. when I see baseball I say "nap time! whoo-hoo!"

    Snore fest, girlfriend!

  43. What no fishing on the list? Fishing is my favorite sport.

  44. so cute i had to read it to my hubby! he laughed!

    go steelers!

  45. I'm delurking here... I love to read your blog and I just couldn't resist commenting today. I feel about basketball the way you feel about baseball. The only difference is that baseball is not my #1 sport. Hockey is my #1 sport (by far) and basketball just seems so silly to me. I feel like you've WAY under-rated jello wrestling too :)

  46. what is this "sports" you speak of? i don't know what that is.

  47. what is this "sports" you speak of? i don't know what that is.

  48. When Jon and I first were married I learned fast that if I wanted to carry on a very long conversation with the man that I needed to start watching ESPN.

    I learned how to find the dang ball when we were watching football and became a crazy basketball junkie during the playoffs one year. I can even watch GOLF with the man. But I can't watch baseball on TV. In fact, when we go to games in person (not pro games mind you, Utah is NOT cool enough for more than one pro team at a time and the Jazz are it) I spend most of my time in the playground area with the kids. And I'm perfectly okay with that...

    You're awesome. Have I told you that lately?

  49. I still like you even though you don't like baseball. And your post cracked me up... in the best way! :)

  50. OK I guess we don't have to have everything in common--you had me even through the one-handed naked dodgeball, but have you ever really given baseball a try?

    I was like you once in thinking snoresville city--it's slow and nothing EVER happens until I tried playing-for real. I first went to batting cages and almost started crying and definitely peed a little when a 90 mph fast ball came at me--aimed for my head.
    Then my dear hubby, who only watches two things in the spring and summer -sportscenter and baseball, started pointing out some players on our fave southsiders and low and behold his jibber jabber went right in one ear and out the other.

    my eyes saw something else though. and it didn't suck.

    have you ever seen a baseball player? Some of them are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!Way worth the effort to get to know the complexities of this american pasttime.

    Oh and by the way--if you get the chance--look for a guy named John Garland--he was traded and I think somewhere in Kansas City or something, but he is a Calvin Klein model in a baseball uniform with a rocket arm. OMG!!!!!!!!

    OK, i'm done. so now you know I'm still as boy crazy as i was in high school. sue me.! Holy long comment too!!!!! I'm feeling chatty today!

  51. Yeah, well the Pirates aren't much to be proud of.

    When I worked at my very first real job out of college (when I was in the burgh) we used to get free tickets to the Pirates all the time. My friends from work and I would go, but seriously, never. watched. the. game.

    The next time I talked to my Dad (who is a baseball FAN-atic (Detroit Tigers)) would ask me who won, I would have NO clue. We would go to drink beer and talk and look for cute guys.

    And those were the days when the Pirates were actually not bad at all (early 90's days of Jay Bell, Andy Van Slyke etc) We always thought Jay was the hottest...

    We were pathetic.

  52. Ok, I have to say it. Not liking baseball...it's just un-American. See, I thought you were cool and all because you're a hockey fan. Now, I just don't know... ;)