Monday, July 28

Caption Contest: We Have A Wiener, er, I Mean Winner

Before I tell you who won the Caption Contest, how about the story about how the photo came to be? It's a short little story, so I'm sure everybody will survive the wait.

I have been on a mission ALL summer to get a photo of the Toddler laying around in the grass. I happen to think grass makes a most excellent background and the Toddler happens to think that's very nice and no thank you. She.will.not.cooperate. But, there we were, trying again. This time, I had a weapon of mass cooperation with me--a gummy worm. I offered the kid a gummy worm (which is like offering me a lifetime supply of chocolate and fruit pizza) if she would sit on the grass on her elbows. She obliged. I handed her the gummy worm and moved into position to take a few thousand photos. As is ALWAYS the case, the second the camera came out the kid forgot how to make eye contact and would do nothing but stare at her book and maw on her gummy worm. I snapped away anyway figuring that I would just delete pretty much every picture I took.

Then it happened.

She dropped the gummy worm in the grass.

In the part of the yard where the dogs go to the bathroom.

Time stopped, the Earth quit rotating, and birds everywhere turned to watch as I yelled, "Nooooooo, doooooon't piiiiick it uuuuuuup," and tried to scramble over.

Too late.

The Toddler picked up the gummy worm and promptly stuck it back in her mouth. I'm guessing by the face she made (caught forever in that photo) that it didn't taste too fabulous. Mmmmmm . . . pee-flavored gummy worms.

Immediately after? She did what she ALWAYS does when she ends up with food she doesn't like. She went hunting for Meg, knowing full well that if anybody will eat whatever gross thing the Toddler has, it's the Bulldog.

So . . . the contest winner.

Bum, bum, bum.

La, la, la, la, la, la.

Oh, were you waiting for something?

Well then, it was CLOSE. Like, REAL CLOSE. By one YES ONE vote, Flea has triumphed. Sorry about your luck, Colleen. Maybe next time. (I would feel worse about this close call, but I actually met Colleen this past Saturday Live! and! In! Person! and she got to eat some of my homemade macaroni -n- cheese and some fruit salad I concocted. I think that makes her a winner right there.)

Flea, email me (burghbaby(at)gmail(dot)com) and let me know if you prefer Starbucks or McDonalds and give me your address.

And . . . because she so PERFECTLY managed to ascertain what was going on the day that photo was taken, I hereby declare Kimmjo a winner, too! Email me and we'll set things in motion.


  1. Woohoo! I'm a wiener! I'm a wiener! Do a little dance ...

    I will email directly. What fun!

    Sorry Colleen. Heh.

  2. aw schucks! Congrats to both Flea and Kimmjo!

    and I think I might need some more of that mac-n-cheese and fruit salad to soothe my campaigning wounds.

    that remind didn't make a guess for my giveway that ends tomorrow (Tues) at 10pm...and if anyone else hasn't...get on over there!

  3. All I can say is, "Gross!"

  4. OK, that was gross! Of course she is pretty smart to know to give it to the dog, mine get everything Little Miss doesn't want and some things she does.

  5. I love gummy worms so much that I probably still would have.... oh forget it.

    So, will you continue with the grass picture endeavor or are you done with that now?

  6. I think I was discriminated against because I had Dora in my guess. ;)

    Congratulations, Flea. Sorry, Colleen, but you did ALL get together last weekend and that makes you ALL winners. Dagnabit.

  7. Congrats, Flea! Absolutely hilarious caption.

    Yeah...pee soaked gummi worm would probably entice a similar face from me.

  8. Mmmm. quite a bit of excitement around here. Urine marinated gummy worms AND contests all in one swoop. you are my blogging hero!

  9. Congrats, Flea! (Sorry, Colleen, better luck next time.)

    That photo is incredible. Love it.

  10. Congrats, Flea! Sorry Colleen!

    BBM - Thanks for explaining that pic. I've been really wanting to know. I had no idea it was a gummy worm. A peed on gummy worm. Gross.

  11. kimmjo1:51 PM

    I Really Excited. Yep super excited. This feels much better than Honorable Hention

    Sent you an email, love the blog (and actually most of the links too).

  12. mmm...pee flavored gummy worms. Delicious.

  13. Yeah for Flea!!!

  14. Oh ewww. Toddlers do the grossest things. Funny story!

  15. I know that photo wasn't what you had planned, but sometimes things work out anyway. I LOVED her expression!

  16. Love the photo and the caption - even without the car!

  17. Great winners and great story behind the picture. LOL. I would have NEVER guessed that.

  18. um, yeah, missed this one completely! blame it on the sun...
    congrats Flea! i see you dancing!

  19. Congrats to everybody! I love the story behind the photo-- and I SO know that feeling about a gazillion photos with no eye contact and a little flash of lightning! Today, I finally got frustrated and said, "That's it, I give up, let's go inside". She cried and now the neighbors think I beat the child when she doesn't pose.

    Love this picture!

  20. Nothing like bribing the toddlers to do something. ;) Heck, I bribe all the kids, even if they *think* they are too old. It has worked miracles in shopping malls the most. :)

    We love Gummy not if they were dropped in pee-grass. {lol} Poor baby.