Saturday, September 27

Random Reminders

-- The verdict is in and Miss Megara Madison, aka The World's Most Annoying Bulldog, does not need plastic surgery. The drops appear to be working and her eye is better, so the vet has us keeping up with the drops for just a few more weeks. Fortunately, she's not bright enough to run away when the drops get walked her way, so it's really not that bad giving them to her. Mr. Husband can continue to have fun with that.

-- There was a death in the Fishtank of Horrors. Purple, the worm-eating fishy, died with his/her mouth agape the other day. The cause is unknown, but I'm thinking old age might have been a factor. That sucker had been around for a while and was already full grown when we got him/her. Peace out, Purple.

-- A while ago I had asked how to get the Toddler to cover her mouth when she coughs. Reactions ranged from helpful hints to "get over it, she's 2." I am pleased to say that I refused to just accept having Toddler breath shot in my face at Mach 5 and tried the "catch your cough" route. It worked. I'd say Alexis remembers to cover her mouth about 70% of the time these days, and she yells at adults for not doing it 100% of the time. I can live with that.

-- The comments on this post have turned a little, um, let's go with "interesting." Just so we're all crystal clear, I am a broken record when we go out, constantly saying, "Bum on the seat, please." That is Alexis' only sin when we go out--trying to stand in her seat. There is no way that kid is running around or in need of a babysitter. I just want her to get silverware, have a couple of napkins, not be physically injured by hot plates, and not spend longer waiting for someone else to make food than I would to run to the grocery store, cook, and clean up the kitchen faster. Alexis is very well-behaved in restaurants, and the one time that she wasn't? We paid and left. In return for her good behavior, I would just like to not have any other meals where she is stuck eating buttered noodles with her fingers because apparently Red Robin has no silverware anywhere. Or napkins. Cause that was. not. fun.

-- Earlier today, Alexis fell asleep in the car. When she woke up, she was all, "I had fun at Chuck E. Cheese." We haven't been to The Rat's Hole in months, so I'm thinking she had a dream about going to Chuck E. Cheese. It seems that it was a pretty good dream because Alexis was all about saying "thank you" and "that was fun." That's my kind of trip to Chuck's--the kind where I don't actually have to go, but the kid has a blast. We really should do that more often.

-- Thanks to everyone who linked to the 9/11 post and who has helped us raise a few more pennies to help support the Flight 93 Memorial. We've got a few more days left in the month, so click away and help us out a bit more. I'll let y'all know how much we ended up raising when all is said and done.


  1. "I refused to just accept having Toddler breath shot in my face at Mach 5 . . . "

    Literary genius, if you ask me.


  2. Anonymous4:45 AM

    You're a sooper genyus!

    Not a fan of that Robin restaurant. The one here is slow and the food's overpriced. Have you found a local place that caters to your girl and the need for napkins?


  3. I love how you call it The Rat's Hole. I swear the only reason they serve alcohol is to keep parents from loosing their minds.

  4. That is SO cool, you got points for a CEC visit without actually visiting! Incredible! and lucky...

    And Mandy...they serve alcohol there? They don't in mine, I need to do some investigating. What a brilliant idea!

  5. YOu know I love the random moments- makes me feel much more sane!

  6. Ramdom comments:

    1. Sorry about Purple, because there surely must still be worms in there. You replacing?

    2. Great about the bully! Plastics would have been all kinds of ungrateful.

    3. Is there a way to get the kids to dream what you want them to? Like, can I have Becky pretend that she's going to dances and having a good time without actually sending her? (And I LOVE that Alexis never forgets to say thank you. She's awesome.)

  7. That is, indeed, the bestest Chuck E Cheese visit ever. Congrats!

    Oh - and congrats on the bulldog.

    Oh - and dude - why are you so nice to the troll? I would have been all "suck it" in my response.

  8. That is great news about Meg! Maybe the house is in sights now? And I love the Chuck E dream thing! I remember having a dream the night before my 16th birthday that was so real, when I woke up I was convinced that my parents really did buy me a new car! They were amused by that.

  9. I love the Chuck E Cheese dream...I wonder if I can have a dream that I went to the Bahamas???

  10. anglophilefootballfanatic.com1:05 PM

    If Alexis is ready to head back to CEC, I'm totally willing to take her. You know how I love that place. I finally counted: we have 3007 tickets right now. Can I get a WOOOOOT!~

  11. Your fishtank Drama cracks me up! :D

  12. Loving the CEC dream!! Wonder how I could get my kid to do that...

    R.I.P Purple.

  13. I'm so glad the bully is better! YAY! I had to put drops in Bodhi's eyes for awhile after his cherry eye surgery (sounds like a tasty treat, but it's not). He was amazingly good about it, so I figured it must feel pretty good to him.

    And yes, Chuck E. Cheese dreams far exceed the reality of the Rat's Hole. I can't stand the place. Animated singing robots. Where do I sign up?

    Peace - D

  14. My mom just showed Maggie how to cover her mouth when she coughs the other day, and she actually did it a few times when I reminded her! Granted, it wasn't a very good cover, a bit half-assed, but the concept was there :) I say it's never too early to try, you know?

    I often wonder if and what these toddlers dream about. That is hilarious about the Chuck E Cheese dream!!

  15. The Rat Hole...teheheheh. I hate that place. Used to be my kids did too. Now my son wants to go. Hold me back from beating that rat.

    The kiddo's prek teacher taught them "cover your cough and catch your sneeze" and just having that catch phrase seems to work for them.