Friday, October 3

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I truly have no idea whether nature or nurture plays a greater role in child development, but I know that Alexis has managed to turn into quite the little sports fan. Whether it's in her blood or she just caught on, who knows. For the most part it's a good thing. We can watch or take her to a game and she will not just behave, but actually enjoy the event.

Over the course of last winter, she developed into a hard-core Pittsburgh Penguins fan. She went to a bunch of games, watched them on TV, and was forever talking about the "Pen-ins." Then the season came to an end (BOOO!), and slowly we managed to wean her from the constant barrage of Iceburgh, Flower, Cindy (forgive the poor kid for not being able to pronounce "Sydney" mmkay?), Ryan, and Geno.

Then I screwed up.

About a month ago I was backing up photos and videos to an external drive and Alexis came over to sit with me. She asked to watch some of the videos, and we ended up watching a short clip from one of last year's Penguins playoff games. Ever since then? She's been bugging the crap out of us asking about the Pen-ins.

Every day.

Every. single. day. several. times. per. day.

The thing is there was NO Penguins to show her, other than stuff online. Let's just say I got a little tired of hitting "Replay" on YouTube. Her answer to the lack of Penguins action was to stoop low.

Very low.

She started asking to go to Pirates games.


She and I had a long talk about how this is Pittsburgh, and in Pittsburgh, there is no baseball in the fall. Ever. Nor will there be.

That took her right back to chanting, "Geno! Geno! Geno!" (I'm not even kidding.)

Thank ye hockey gods it is the most wonderful time of year.

I love Hockey Eve.

(Totally an old video, but I lurve it.)


  1. I like how the cat even gets in on the action. It's a full family affair :-)

  2. Definitely a combination of both. She is sooo sweet.

  3. Anonymous12:22 AM

    awwwwwwwwww........what a cute video!

  4. So Stinking adorable. Really.
    She's just full of herself and all her adorableness.

    You are in deep, deep trouble :-)

  5. Could be worse....

    She could develop a taste for soccer.... *shudder*

  6. LOL! My son is actually wearing a Pirates shirt today. He asked if Pops (my dad) liked this team. I had to weave this story about how a long, long time ago there were great players like Roberto Clemente. And there were pennants. And Fall Ball. He looked kinda perplexed.

  7. Too hilarious...for us. Her future husband thanks you for the early training.

  8. I think it's 90% nature. Neither of our kids really like or care much about football (the only sport watched at our house). I grew up in a one TV household where if you wanted to watch, you watched what Daddy watched or you watched nothing (mom hated watching TV). Dad always watched "the fights" and never once have I cheered, whooped or hollered or wished there was a fight on. I think you're born a sports lover.

  9. That's quite a girl. And quite a cat. Hey! You want a little gray cat to go with that one?

  10. yo wife10:29 AM

    I'm with Sports Mama. Soccer is unAmerican. Well, actually I think that about hockey, scratch that.

    Love that the kitty made it in the video to rub up against her "not really a terrible towel" towel.

    How did you get her to love hockey? Knute is required by birth, law, and the laws of nature to adore football, but he seems to be developing a taste for *shudder* nascar. *and yet another shudder*

  11. Yay for hockey!! Not a "Pen-ins" fan myself...but I was born and raised in Buffalo, so I'm not allowed to be ;) But I LURV my hockey season!!

  12. Hockey eve--that phrase is going to be famous :)

  13. So cute! Hope she has fun cheering this season too :)

  14. That's so great...we can't get The Girl very interested in sports. The Boy...well, that was easy. The Girl not so much.

    Happy season!! :)

  15. good for you for steering her away from those stanky-ass Pirates. lol

    Dan was in heaven today.

  16. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Well I remember baseball in the fall in Pittsburgh! Were you even born in 1979? I remember the whole thing. "We are Family" Yeah what a time....

    Ok I love hockey-eve and I wish I could watch the games here. Stupid dish...too much money.

  17. I just can't get into hockey - I guess that's because my local team sucks ass, though. Bring me football and college basketball any day over hockey!

  18. PS - as an adopted person, I can assure you it's 99.999% nature over nurture.

  19. I'm going with nature. Bless his heart, Sam is alone in the sports world here. The kids and I aren't even aware of what season it is. Outside of Mother Nature's, that is.

  20. Anonymous9:48 AM

    lol That's very cute. :) Looks like you'd better forget the college fund and start saving for season tickets for everything!

  21. But what about the Steelers??? Doesn't she know it's Football Season, the best season of all?!?