Thursday, October 2


17,550 people.

32,223 clicks.

I was wrong. We have not forgotten.

Thank you so much to everyone who took a moment to think about the people who sacrificed everything aboard Flight 93.

You. are. all. amazing.

Blogging does not pay the millions I wish it did, but together we raised $104.30 just by reading a silly little mommy blog. It's just a drop in the bucket, but the incredible show of support proves that there are people who care.

We care.

One person, who asked to remain anonymous, asked on Tuesday if she could show she cared by doing a little something extra. She offered to donate $1 per comment received on the contest post.


She cares.

Thank you. (BTW, you suck for not letting me post your name, but you rock in every other way humanly possible.)

If you would like to donate additional money, please go here.

Every penny helps.

By the way, we're going to do this again. I don't know when. I don't know what exactly. But, it will be happening again.

As for the contest, the entire thing was thrown together in a matter of minutes. Those who donated prizes are amazing people, some of whom I know in real life, and others whom I very barely know after having only visited his or her blog a handful of times. Please take a moment to check out their sites because they are some of the most generous, incredible people around.

Thank you all so much.

And I suppose there is one other thing I was supposed to accomplish with this post. I guess maybe, perhaps, in a way, you just might like to know who all the winners are. I suppose I could tell you, but I'm kind of enjoying stringing this out longer.


La, la, la, were you waiting for something?

OK, fine, here you go:

A $25 iTunes gift card, courtesy of an anonymous donor, is going to Dana!

The 3 DVDs and a CD of wrestling and hip hop goodness from those crazy guys over at the Wrestling Mayhem Show goes to Jonny's Mommy!

A $15 Starbucks gift card courtesy of my favorite big booty havin' Texan, Anglophile Football Fanatic goes to Panera Girl! (Sorry, but the name is sticking!)

A kick-ass t-shirt from Wear Pittsburgh, courtesy of everybody's favorite Butler, Woy, is soon to be making it's way to Heather.

A Just the Essentials case from Rocking Pony's Etsy shop will be going to Stephanie Macsurak!

A baby blanket from the Rocking Pony Etsy shop will be headed to Cecily R!

A messenger bag filled with cosmetics from Clumber Kim was up for grabs. Lot's of people wanted it, but Lisa@verybusymomwith4 is the winner!

Emma in Canada offered up some hand-crafted Stampin' Up! cards, perfect for Thanksgiving or just general Fall use. Shannon is the winner!

There was a Stanley Theater prize package including the Grateful Dead's 1979 show and Marley's last show in 1981 from my favorite Donato's delivering Uncle, Unclecrappy. This one had the BEST comments, and Gina swooped in for the win!

A permanent artist's account from EBSQ, courtesy of Amie, valued at $650 was a very popular item, and Creative Flutter is the winner!

A pair of tickets to Brewfest 2008, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club, were available. I hope everybody who entered this one gets to go, but Unclecrappy is going for free!

Brand spankin' new dad TheJim from Sportsocracy offered up an ultra-spiffy Sportsocracy t-shirt. Justmylife will soon be donning the shirt. (TehBaby was just born today, so it's going to take a few extra days to get that out to you, Justmylife. I'm thinking you'll understand.)

I had a copy of Sleep is for the Weak, an anthology of great blogging by several of my favorite bloggers, but I'll soon be sending it to bloggingmom67.

Nobody entered to win the $15 gift card to Ruggers Pub, but the person who donated it has generously offered it up for use by Yinz Team. I'm holding it hostage just in case yinz think you're getting a new second basemen. We have a date on the South Side.

Also up for grabs was a copy of Lenny Kravitz' CD "It's Time for a Love Revolution" courtesy of Dawnmski of Yes, This is How My Mind Works. Get ready, Siobhan, because Lennie is gonna go your way.

A Tim Horton's package straight from the motherland courtesy of Emma in Canada will be making a trip to the trantastic trannyhead.

I need EVERY winner to email me his or her address at burghbaby (at) gmail (dot) com no later than Monday, October 6th at 12:00pm. Not getting me your information by that time will result in an alternate winner being drawn. I'll be forwarding your information to the person who donated your prize.

Thank you again to absolutely everyone who helped make September a month full of remembrance.


  1. Oh, and DANG! it takes a long time to deal with over 300 contest entries!

  2. That. Is. Awesome. I am thrilled that you had such a great response, and honored to be a part of it. And the anon donor? Does indeed rock.

    It all brings a tear to my eyes.

  3. I'm a WINNER!!!! *waves bra over head in ecstacy*

    And the anon donor? Now THAT makes me really wave my bra over my head in ecstacy. That's fantastic.

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic.com10:38 PM

    It ate my comment.

    You are my HEEERRRRO!

  5. All those awesome people you listed? You missed one. Thanks for doing this.

  6. This is great!! How awesome that everyone came together for this! :)

  7. No, you are amazing for organizing this whole thing! I'm glad I was able to support you even if it was in a really tiny and kind of selfish way!

  8. You did a wonderful thing here lady. I am in awe of you. Congrats to you and the winners! : )

  9. Yay!!! Congratulations everyone!

  10. BB--you did good. Congrats on a successful giveaway for a wonderful cause.

  11. That is awesome! Congrats to all the winners!
    And anonymous donor is amazing! YAY!!!!

  12. this is totally awesome, even if i didn't win anything ;-)

    and just so's you know... in judaism, one of the highest level of tzedakah (charity ... or more literally justice) is giving anonymously to an unknown recipient. in this case, giving anonymously to a specific charity like the flight 93 memorial is pretty darned good too.

    so, anonymous donor ... you rock. on all levels.


  13. that's amazingly wonderful! What a beautiful offer, what an amazing woman she is!

    and you...

  14. Thanks for hosting this contest. And yes, you are fabulous, and so is the anonymous donor.

  15. I'm glad things have turned out well.

    Next time, I intend to donate an item or two.

    BTW, are those Care Bear fruit snacks A has in her hand? Not like I've bought them before or anything ...

  16. That number is truly, truly amazing. As are you for spearheading the whole thing.

    And congrats to all the winners! Those are awesome prizes!

  17. congrats on so many entries and to the winners...and i'll try not to be bitter

  18. No way--I won the cosmetics bag--I am so excited. Woo-hoo!!!

    Thank you much for doing this; I heard 80% of the population talks about making a chance; you are the 20% that actually does something. And anonymous donor--wow you rock!

    Congrats to all the other winners too :)

  19. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing!

  20. AWESOME participation! Loved the pics too.

  21. I can't believe I won anything! I never win!! Congrats to all the winners, esp the memorial fund! If the anon donor will come out into the open, I will link to them and say how wonderful they are!!! You rock!

  22. This was a great thing you did...

    I'm glad that it turned out to be such a success. Kudos to everyone who helped make it happen.

  23. Anon donor: you rock!

  24. Oh my gosh!

    I'm so excited I won. I can't believe it. I'm so psyched to get "Sleep is for the Weak."

    Please e-mail me at for mailing info.


  25. Absolutely kick ass. Next time I will happily donate jewelry for prizes.

    (And even thought I didn't win the baby blanket, I just may have to go order one anyways!)

    To Anon, you are awesome.

  26. Sweet. Fancy. Moses. 32,223 clicks?

    That kicks ass. You kick ass for doing the contest and raising the money.

    *is impressed*

  27. I LOVE that you and your mommy blog got so many clicks and could raise that money. And that anonymous donor is AWESOME.

    AND...waHOO! I am a winner. Or, more appropriately, my friend who just had a baby is a winner because now she gets a COOL present from Karen instead of a LAME one from Walmart (okay, she'll still get stuff from there, but a RP blanket totally ups the value). Karen has my info, by the way. She's already e-mailed me. :)

  28. Congrats to all the wonners. And most of all, congrats to you for doing something so super cool to remember something so important.

  29. I just love when The Internet does something totally awesome. You rock for organizing it all!!

  30. Holy Wow Burgh Baby!

    What a great thing you did.

  31. Anonymous2:50 PM

    what an awesome thing for you to do...thanks for donating. like u said, every little bit helps!

  32. That is absolutely AMAZING!
    I wish I had the extra money.. I'd donate some!

    You ROCK!

  33. Great job BBM! Ordinarily, I hate contests, but this one was genius. Of course, it would have been a tad more genius if Alexis had picked MY name out of the bag. (says the bitter, sore loser who never wins anything)

  34. You. Are awesome.

  35. OMG!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! WOW! I never win anything!

  36. I can't believe I finally won something and didnt know it until it was 3 weeks too late. Oh well, I hope whoever got my prize enjoyed it!