Saturday, October 18

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes at Trax

The biggest baby is not drinking from the bottle.

Mini moo.

"This is a cute pumpkin!"

Little pumpkins everywhere.

Giggles and grins.

Hiding out.

Found out.

Nothing here to see.

Sweet Billy.

Sweet Billy Times Two.

Driving the tractor. That looks like a pumpkin.

Miles to go.

"Where's the farmer?"

Closer to Mum.


Me wanty. My have no place to putty.

Me wanty. Me no pay $35.


  1. Me no pay $35 either! Cute though.

    I love the "Found out" shot. That little grin of hers looks as mischievous as ever.

  2. She's just too damn cute!

  3. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Me no pay $35, either. But, it IS cute so, maybe I WOULD pay $35. Doubt it, though.

    Love the mum shot--you take some awesome pictures, girly!!

    As usual, your kid is entirely too cute.

  4. Love the cat with the mouse. No way DH would ever let me spend $35 on it..... :)

  5. Glad you found a little bit of time for quality family time! Looks like Alexis had fun. $35 - don't think so.

    P.S. Kindermusik post is up.

  6. She is so gosh-darn cute, even if you do dress her like a mime. What's with the mime wear these days? Everybody's doing it.

    Those colorful pumpkins make good pies. The ugly, light colored ones make great pies.

  7. I wouldn't pay $35 for something that goes up once a year!

    Alexis is soo cute! Looks like you had fun.

  8. No idea where you went but you are making me miss Sorgel's.

  9. I just love a pumpkin farm. All very nice pics, thanks for letting me see them.

  10. that looks like it was a lot of fun.

    i miss having a toddler who gets that kind of enjoyment out of a day like that.

    oh wait. i don't really miss having a toddler ;-)

  11. Aren't they tons of fun?! I think someday our family should go visit a maze just for kicks. It's probably way different than running one.

  12. anglophilefootballfanatic.com3:15 PM

    I'm totally digging the dress & tights look. And, your hair looks fine - not gothic black at all.

  13. Thanks for sharing the fun. Closer to Mum & Undecided were AWESOME shots! AWESOME!

  14. That expression - the one of pure toddler joy -- on her face as she sat on the pumpkins (or drove the tractor?) is AWESOME.

  15. Um, yeah. Pretend I actually cut and pasted my OWN url in my comment instead.

    Doh. /homer

  16. Your family is adorable, and I love that you share then with us. Looks like Alexis had a great time!

    Peace - D

  17. Me wanty to visit my Burghy friend. Me no have a plane ticket. But seriously, me wanty that Alexis to move in with me.

  18. So NOT a stalker. Not really.

  19. Love the mum shot and all the ones of A havin' a blast - so cute!

  20. Your mum shots are totally hawt. And so are the gourds.

    And I LOVE that picture of you and your girl. It's hawt, too, man.

    I'm hella jealous of all the fun fall stuff you did.