Friday, January 30

If You Think She Looks Sad, You Should Have Seen Me After I Realized My Car Was Broken into Tonight


  1. Oooh! That sucks!

    It wasn't one of those nosy old ladies simply rummaging around to find the kid a hat, now was it?

    (Really, that truly stinks. I hope they didn't do too much damage!)

  2. @Jayna--broken window, stolen laptop, and soon to be deceased husband if he says the words, "you shouldn't leave valuables in your car" one more time.

  3. I'm so sorry.
    I hope they cath the asshat.

  4. Oh SUCK!

    I'm sorry honey, does your insurance cover that?

  5. Usually homeowners/renters takes care of stuff stolen out of the car, while car insurance will take care of the broken window/car damage.

    I personally loved the one morning when my neighbor asked if I noticed anyone around his truck when I came home (since I work nights). I didn't. Turns out someone stole his deer hunting rifle out of it. I asked, "Did someone bust out your window to get it?" He said, "No, I left it unlocked." /BOGGLE

  6. Oh NO!! Hope your laptop was insured.

  7. Laptop?

    Oh, um, damn (not my first choice of word)

    that truly sucks.

    No pics on it I hope!

  8. You are handling it very well I must say. I really hope there weren't a lot of pics on the laptop.
    Poor thing. Maybe the computer fairy will feel so guilty after making you mad that he'll go out and buy you a new one.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    UGH--That totally sucks! Try not to let it ruin your big weekend. Go Steelers.

  9. Ugh! I hope everything gets settled soon.

  10. It infuriates me when some low life thinks they can just take your stuff because they want it. Go work hard, make money, & BUY YOUR OWN crap!

    My first week of teaching first grade on my FIRST job ever, I came out to find my car sitting on BRICKS because some a-hole decided he wanted my tires & rims. All 4 tires.

    People who steal things drive me beyond crazy...

    Sorry you have to deal with this!

  11. Aw Burgh, that seriously sucks sweaty donkey balls. I once had my house broken into. Scares the crap right out of you.

  12. argh again, SUCKAGE. I can't imagine how violated you feel right now. ew.

    I'll jump on the South Side-hating bandwagon with you. Solidarity, sister.

  13. I only look like that when my laptop boyfriend or iPhone boyfriend break. But nobody breaks into them but the Apple Geniuses.

    I'm sorry about your car. I've had that happen. It isn't just the pain in the arse to get it fixed and the stuff that's damages or stolen. It's how violated you feels after someone breaks into your car or home.

    Take care.

  14. Oh hell honey.

    Oh my word. I am sooo sorry! That sucks.

    I hope insurance helps you!!

  15. I swear I was nowhere near Audrey yesterday! I HAVE AN ALIBI!

    Besides, I know you're just trying to get Mr. H to sympathize with you since Audrey's been trying to kill you for some time now.

    Seriously though, I'm glad it wasn't worse. The laptop and window can be replaced. If it would have been a carjacking, you cannot be replaced.

    Make sure to report it (I'm sure you already have) to your insurance company(ies) and they should be able to get it all taken care of.


    I'm sorry that happened. Guess the South Side's going to get crossed off the list!!


  17. BTW, it was the work laptop, y'all. No pics at all on there and most stuff can be recreated/restored. Not the end of the world, but a giant pain in the ass.

  18. I knew I should have walked you to the car. I KNEW it. I hate it when I don't listen to the voices in my head.

    I know I couldn't have prevented the break-in but I would have provided moral support. Even the strongest of us still need a friend now and again.

    Whesh - glad it was a work laptop (don't tell work I said that).

  19. I'm sorry hon! I imagine you looked like twins with little Alexis tonight.

    It creeps me out, people are so ugly and do these things. (Hugs)Indigo

  20. WHAT???

    And here I'd been thinking that the South Side had cleaned itself up since ... well, since.

  21. That really sucks! And at least, it was your first time. Sweetie Pie had his truck broken into three times in under two years. First time? They stole his GPS and some checks. (Nearly killed him for the checks, until I found out they were work checks). Second time? Stole the new GPS. Third time? Stole a freaking revolver.

    So not only have our thieves discovered that my husband's a moron who won't learn his lesson and keeps putting new stuff in the truck to be stolen, but also? Now? We have armed our thieves, so that should they choose to move up to home invasions, they're equipped to do so.

    I'm sorry. It sucks. And we never filed with insurance, simply because it would have increased our premiums.

    Bad people suck.

  22. Could it be because you did so much bragging about a certain team...?



  23. @Catwoman--it wasn't the first time. My ol' CRX was broken into in our apartment parking lot when I was a poor college student. There managed to steal the oldest, crappiest radar detector ever and absolutely nothing else. They did, however, manage to trash the crap out of my doors trying to steal the speakers and the crap out of my dash trying to steal the radio. That was WAY worse, especially since it was right outside our house and not a case of "wrong place, wrong time."

  24. I had that happen a couple months ago. Thankfully? I guess? the car was not locked so I didn't have any damage to the car, but I did lose my GPS and some other items. Of course, hubby was good enough to NOT remind me I shouldn't leave the car unlocked. Which, btw, I didn't mean to.

    I'm sorry your car was broke into.

  25. That really blows, man. Really really blows. I hope you didn't lose too much work off of your laptop.

    PS - I've had my car broken into before, as well. I have the utmost sympathy.

  26. Oh, that really sucks!! I am so sorry. :(

  27. OH no :( Not your laptop!!! UGH! That stinks. Frank says that to me ALL the time about not leaving valuables in the car... guess I should start listening.

  28. It must be "going around." Hubs' car got broken into a few weeks ago and he had blackberry, iPod and radar detector stolen. NOT fun. I'm SO sorry that happened to you.

    And poor little, sweet Alexis? What happened there?

  29. So sorry. Hope all turns out OK.

    Hearing all the theft lately, I think I will go lock my car right now.

  30. That stinks! The same thing happened to me a few months ago and I felt like it was all my fault. Stupid drug addicts.