Saturday, February 28

The Short Person's World View (Again)

I cleared off Alexis' camera again, and as always, it was filled with photos of her favorite things.

Her Princess Jasmine doll

Darby, the dumbest thing to ever appear on-screen with Pooh

The pups

Meg's head

Cody's head (Anybody impressed I know which end that is? I kind of was.)

Daddy wearing the shirt Alexis bought him

Ze Boss

I see a Meg. I see a Cody. I see an Alexis. Yet, I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at.

A random update on dance class: Words cannot even describe the amazing difference between Alexis one week ago and Alexis today. There was participation. There were smiles. There was chattering with the other kids in class. There was laughter. Most importantly, there was fun. So . . . uh . . . crap. Alexis really is letting her dislike for the regular teacher stop her from doing something she enjoys. C-R-A-P.


  1. girlfriend. look. at. your. eyes!!!!!

    as for the dance thing? aw, crap.

  2. Crap is right. Any chance there's another class with a different teacher?

  3. That sucks. Is there another class that she could transfer to?

  4. I think the idea of Alexis having her own camera is about the greatest idea ever developed, and one that I totally plan to steal when I have a toddler. She's actually going to have memories of the things that she did and what was important to her. That's so awesome.

    And supreme bummer about dance class. Here's what you do: round up all the other dance moms and convince them to defect to a different dance studio. What could be simpler? ;-)

  5. Alexis is definitely a budding photographer!

    Bummer about the class. But at least now you know. And maybe it will be okay when the teacher returns.

  6. Two words: Nancy Kerrigan.

  7. I knew your eyes were blue, but wow!
    I'm still not convinced about the teacher. Kids are so flighty, they change their opinions constantly. She might be fine when the teacher gets back.

  8. I just can't help but wonder if the teacher said/did something to Alexis to make her feel this way? She seems like such a warm little girl. Maybe the teacher fussed at her and hurt her feelings?

  9. oh, i just love these posts with all her little pictures!

    maybe the regular teacher super-sucks.

  10. At the risk of sounding weird, I just have to tell you this. The other day when I read about the dance class troubles, I had a really uneasy feeling, to the point where I didn't comment. Couldn't put my finger on it, but I just had that "yuck" feeling.

    Now, today, reading this, all of a sudden I remember. I was this same way with my 2nd grade teacher when I moved to a new school close to the end of the year. That woman was hateful and mean, but only to me--she did not like me and she let me know it. I'm 52 years old and I still remember it with alarming clarity after reading this.

    Please, don't make her go to that dance teacher if she still feels the same way. Take her to the class the first time the teacher is back, but please don't make her go again if she reacts the same. Something happened to her with that teacher; even shy-around-strangers kids don't have those reactions for no reason. I never even told my Mom, but my friend who was in the same class sure knew it and we even discussed it! Two 7-year-olds talking about how much the teacher hated me.

    There are other dance classes, right? Find one. She may only be 3, but she's a smart little chicklet and she knows what she knows.

    Thanks for listening...HA!

  11. i love these, it's so funny seeing the world from her level

  12. I love the toddlers view of things!! She gets some great pictures of her life as she knows it!!!

  13. Those shots are great. She has a good eye. I like the one of the dogs butt....I mean head. Or butt...or whatever.

    Sorry about the dance stuff. I read that post and was hoping it wasn't just the teacher, but I'm sure it will get better..if she has to have that teacher again. At least she loves dancing when the other teacher is around....I guess. She must look so cute dancing! :-)

  14. Dude ... I think that Darby doll is actually a Chucky doll. I'm scared.

  15. Love the toddler's view! I wonder where she gets her natural eye for photography from ;-)