Sunday, March 1

Freak Show Coming Through

Cody, Cody, Cody. He who loves to eat cardboard. He who makes the Toddler laugh daily. He who has the wrong freakin' name.

Not that I really know what his name should be, I just know "Cody" isn't quite right.

We have a Disney name rule around here, and that has always worked. Megara couldn't possibly have a name more fitting for her. She is the canine equivalent of Disney's leading lady who can't decide whether to play for the good team or the bad one. If there was a Hercules in our midst, he would certainly fall hard for her, only to have his heart broken as she two-timed and manipulated him. Yup, "Meg" works.

"Cody" doesn't.

Alexis named him. He is her dog. Therefore, the name will stay. Although, I knew it wasn't right even as I read aloud a list of male Disney characters back when we got him. It just doesn't "fit" him. (Mind you, I haven't watched The Rescuers Down Under in a long time. Maybe if I did I would find that the character and he seem to have something in common, as I have with every other pet we've given a Disney name.)

While he is stuck with his first name, his middle is a whole other thing. Months ago I tried to figure out just the right middle name for him, and it wasn't bound by any household prisoner naming rules. I thought something that started with a "J" so he could be "CJ" seemed fitting. I asked some people for suggestions, but ended up back at my original thought--Cody Jack.

Oh, but I should have listened to Mindbling when she suggested "Jaws."


Not only does the little man think he should eat our house, HE HAS TOO MANY TEETH. His baby canines didn't fall out, so he has four bottom canines happily co-existing in his mouth.

Here's another look:

The freak will have to get the extra teeth pulled at the vet's office.

Cody Jaws. The freak.


  1. The first thing that came to my mind was Snaggletooth. Or a dog version of Snagglepuss from Quickdraw McGraw.

  2. I love the picture of Alexis and Cody in the header. It's obvious that they have bonded - and I STILL want a Havanese! Maybe someday after Lily is long gone....may it be years yet.

    You know, Bodhi has a "gemini tooth" in the front, meaning he had two freak teeth growing from one root. And the top row of his teeth are so overlapped that he looks like a shark (and always felt like one when he chomped down with those puppy teeth!) The vet techs got a kick out of it and kept the Polaroid in his chart for giggles.

    Cardboard, eh? Maybe he's looking for some fiber :-)

    Peace - D

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hee. I probably shouldn't laugh... but that's so darn cute.

    Poor Cody Jack. Canine dentistry can't be fun!

  4. I can't believe they didn't come out on their own what with all the heavy-duty chewing he has going on. It isn't like he hasn't been trying to save himself a trip to the dentist. Or vet. It sucks when it's the same person.

  5. Poor Cody. Having teeth pulled. That ought to be a fun day. Good luck with that.

    Jaws seems very fitting.

  6. I think I may have to do that with one of my doggies as well- he's got a few teeth doubled up right now.

  7. It is too hard to name pets so I like your idea with the Diney names. It helps out. I named our dog Otter after the character from animal house.

  8. Yep, Jaws looks like the perfect name to me. Or Cute Jaws... ; ) Still C.J

  9. Hi- I came over from Nikki's blog. I find the middle name very fitting and Cody adorably cute!

  10. He's so cute even if he does have double the amount of teeth than normal. lol!

  11. Cody is adorable, really. Really.

  12. I just have the Jaws music playing in my head now. Freak.

  13. There exists such a thing as dog dentistry? amazing.

  14. Woah - that really is freaky deaky. No wonder he's destroying your house. Maybe you should have named him a Villainous name ... like Jafar. Hawt.