Saturday, March 7

Lame with a Capital "L"

As I started to look through photos from today to find one to post, I realized that the only ones I took on this absolutely gorgeous Saturday were a few of Alexis in the midst of her Sabotaging All Hope of a Smooth Daylight Savings Time Switch 3-hour nap. I thought to myself, "Self, napping kid photos are lame. Perhaps you should look for something less Lamey McLamerton." So, I scrolled through my archives to see what we were doing one year ago today. And found this:

Apparently I take lame photos on March 7th. March 8th will be better. Promise.

(And, HOLY HELL does that kid look exactly the same one year later. She's never going to lose those chubby baby cheeks. Thank goodness.)


  1. Naps are *not* lame. Especially when you're that cute.

  2. The sleep pose is adorable!

  3. Sleeping kids are the cutest. And yeah, that's crazy, she's hardly changed! : )

  4. Just looking at those pics are making me tired.


    If only adults could sleep with abandon like that.

  5. I am jealous of the naps. not so much for myself, but, yeah, a little for myself.

    And careful what you say about cheeks. I think Monkey is starting to show actual cheekbones. Like a model or something. and it ain't 'cause she's not eating.


  6. wow you're not kidding- I saw those on Flickr first and thought they were from the same day! Never would have guessed they were a year apart.

    So cute when she's sleeping :)

  7. Oh I think she looks way more "baby" in that first shot. So sweet!!

  8. I love sleeping photos!! Only when you are a baby/little kid is a photo of you asleep actually cute. Unfortunately, once you get big, like us, sleeping photos are not anywhere close to being "cute".

  9. I am sorry, but napping children are the best! I love napping kiddos:)