Thursday, March 19

A Lesson in Mickenomics

There have been two guarantees in my life lately: 1) Alexis has immediately started screaming that she wants her Daddy when she wakes up in the morning and 2) Alexis has asked if we can "Go back to Disney World, please?" at least 4,231 times per day. Now, Mr. Husband is more than long gone before either of his chicks are brave enough to open even one eye in the morning, so the odds of Alexis getting to see him before school are about as good as her odds of going to another Mickey Party tonight.

It ain't happening.

Try as I might to convince the kid that "Daddy is at work," she just wasn't getting it. There was screaming, there was whining, there was fit throwing.

At 6:30 AM

I don't like anything that includes the annoying little letters "AM," and I especially don't like them if they are preceded by an hour that is in the single digits.

So, in an effort to make the madness stop, I tried to explain to Alexis that Daddy has to go to work so that he can make money. We need money to go back to Disney World. Ergo, if she wants to go to Disney World, she needs to shut up about her Daddy at way too early o'clock.

(Those may not have been my exact words.)

She seemed to have understood. She stopped fussing, and on day two of this brave new world where Daddy leaves his little girl for the greater good, she didn't get all melty on me while I was trying to take a shower.

It's beautiful having a kid old enough to sort of understand your crazy explanations.

This afternoon as I was driving Miss Alexis to the park for a little fun on the slides, she declared, "Daddy's at work. He's making money so we can go to Disney World."

"That's right," I replied. "And do you know why Mommy goes to work?" I asked.

"No reason," she said.

Don't I wish THAT were the truth.


  1. *snort*

    That's a great photo, by the way.

  2. HAH! She's got yer number!

  3. Mommy goes to work for her sanity!

    Well that is not true, not 100% true.

  4. No reason indeed:P

    Cute pic:)

  5. The former perception around here? Daddy works. Mommy doesn't. Former perception because someone around here was schooled after floating that thought. ;-)

  6. Good job!!! I hope that works for you all year long....

    Peace - D

  7. I wish, I wish, I wish...

  8. Won't she be disappointed to learn that it takes a few years' worth of saving to get her there again?

  9. After we went to Disney, Juliana asked everyday for several months when we were going back, then it dropped to once a week, and it still comes up on a regular basis.

  10. Hey! That sounds like a lot of my mornings! I walk in all cheery, holding my 1 year old son, and say "Good Morning darling!" to my 3and a half year old son... and he says: "DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I feel soooo loved, sometimes! ;)

    My son also knows that I work so that we can make money to go back to Bahamas or Florida.

  11. No reason. HAHAHAHA!!!

  12. Little A has an answer for everything, doesn't she? One of the many reasons I like her so much! ; )

  13. I swear you take the BEST pictures!

    We've had similar conversations when my girls don't want to leave somewhere, or whine and scream and cry about why daddy is at work. I think my oldest daughter screamed and cried every day for her daddy for about 2 months straight. She was only 2 so it was definitely harder to reason with her. We usually ended up calling him at work so he could calm her down.

  14. Haha.

    I hope those WERE your exact words.

    Love that photo :)

  15. You're so creative! It's nice when they get it even if it is a little out there.