Wednesday, March 11

Minnie-ature Shock and Awe

Alexis has a well-documented and frequently proven phobia of people in furry costumes. We should probably go ahead and send the Pittsburgh Pirates a bill for about ten years of therapy because I know the exact moment the phobia started, and that stupid moron in the pirate get-up is to blame. Alexis still HATES that thing with the fire of 10000000 suns.

She doesn't seem to hate any other mascots or characters. However, she is deathly afraid of them. I know this. I have seen this. I don't need to be reminded of this. Apparently, SHE DOES. Every single time she sees the Penguins' Iceburgh she gets all sorts of excited. She points, laughs, and begs to go see him. At that moment, I start a countdown. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . FREAK THE HELL OUT. It happens every time.

In a meager attempt to minimize the trauma, I came up with a little plan for Miss Scaredy Pants during our time at Disney. We brought along her digital camera and instead of posing for a photo with or trying to get an autograph from a character, she can get as close as she is comfortable getting then snap a little photo. It's an all-around win because she gets to "see" them without getting freaked out, and we don't have to stand in any lines. She's totally cool with snapping her photo from afar. LOVE it, and LOVE that she is going to be able to make a scrapbook with all her own photos.

After the Princessification Project, we headed over to Disney Studios for a few hours because they were having Extended Magic Hours (the park stays open longer for guests of hotels on Disney property). One of the attractions there is a Playhouse Disney show, so of course we HAD to stop there. You know how I love my Darby, after all. The thing was that instead of being the usual show, the Playhouse Disney attraction had morphed into a toddler rave. There was a DJ, music, crazy lights, bubbles, and characters.

Lots of characters.

It started out with Jojo and some lion (I'm proud that I don't know his/her name, so don't tell me). Alexis, as expected, maintained a safe distance from them as she got her boogy on. She was excited to see them, just so long as they were OVER THERE.

But then Mickey showed up.

The Big Cheese himself popped into the party and suddenly Alexis thought it would be essential to close the gap. Mr. Husband took her over to him. As expected, she started out cool with it.

Then she freaked the hell out. As expected.

Yet, she refused to leave. Alexis was ALL about "Mickey Party" and there was no way we were getting out of there. A few moments later, Minnie showed up. If there is anyone that Alexis loves more than all the princesses combined, it's Minnie. Alexis quickly forgot all about that phobia all over again and asked to go see her. Mr. Husband and I rolled our eyes, but he took her over.

She stood there.

Then moved closer.

And closer.

And suddenly, Minnie grabbed Alexis' hand. AND NO ONE DIED.

As Alexis stood there dancing with Minnie, I tried desperately to take a photo of the momentous occasion. Of course, I was not at all prepared, so all of the photos suck. You might think that WHEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN I would have been prepared, but I wasn't. Those photos suck, too.

Princessification + dancing with Minnie = GREATEST DAY EVER!

P.S. Alexis has refused to go within ten feet of any characters ever since. I'm guessing that the bubbles floating down from the ceiling during Mickey's Party were filled with some sort of fear-numbing narcotic. There is no other possible explanation.


  1. I think that huge mass of hair was pulling so hard on her head that she couldn't think straight! That really does sound like the perfect day for her.

    But! I'm confused. If we listen to your ridiculous birthday philosophy, she won't remember this, so why spend all that money? Hmmmm?

  2. For some reason, my kid is not only unafraid of large furry creatures, she actually SEEKS them out in parks. To the point where I feel like we spend half the time looking for Ted the stoner in a Pepe Le Pew costume.

  3. She's amazingly cute!

    My daughter was terrified of anything Halloween from about the age of 4 until she was about 10. Then? She couldn't get enough of scary movies, scary costumes, and so on. It's strange. Maybe it was her way of embracing her fears.

    Peace - D

  4. After Micah's full-on freak over the Red Robin, this brings tears to my eyes. I know how afraid the kids can be, and to see the power of Disney Magic is awesome to behold.

  5. AWWWW!!!!!!!! I so want to take my kids to Disney! Minnie is the most darling furry costumed character ever! Add in your gorgeous princess and I'm so jealous! :)

  6. @Jen--We aren't here for her, we're here because Mr. Husband and I love Disney and I was able to combine a little vacation with a work trip. The only thing we've spent money on so far other than food is the Princessification. I'd bet a fortune she'll remember that.

  7. Way to go Alexis!

    Just look at her!!! She looks so big all of a sudden. What a doll!

  8. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Well at least she won't grow up to be a Furry right? lol Or maybe by then she'll be a rebel! Uh oh...sick fetishes coming up... lol

  9. @honeywine--Some Furries make crazy good money. She might be missing out right there. ;-)

  10. Hey, at least you got some proof, right? Glad she got wrapped up in the moment enough to enjoy herself with Minnie. : )

  11. Too sweet! She'll remember this because she'll be able to see photos.

    And I'm with you...we've never gone to Disney for the's always for us. We're selfish like that. BUT at least we bring 'em along!

  12. She looks so pretty :)
    I'm 27 and I still don't like mascots or anyone dressed up in a costume for that matter. They scare the crap out of me. Who knows what scary person is hiding behind that pretty little costume. shutter

  13. Glad to see that she got to meet and dance with Minnie, she is my favorite of all of the mouses. SOunds like one great day

  14. OK, first...way to be brave Alexis.
    Second...your last two posts have spawned a Grandma/Mommy/Miss Peach Disney trip. Well done!

  15. My children are both fraidy cats when it comes to characters and they don't even have a good Pittsburgh mascot story to explain it.

    Glad she danced with Minnie! My kids screams would have probably broken glass w/in 20 miles of the party.

  16. This is all just too precious! I mean that in the good way. Also, I swear Alexis looks more grown up every day, even without the Princessification.

    My daughter's preschool teacher's daughter was a Disney Minnie. Seems that Disney is VERY selective - they hire one in 300 applicants. Part of the whittling eliminates anyone over about 5 feet even, those who can't dance or keep their mouths shut but one huge Minnie requirement is a gentle soul. Looks like Alexis got the gentlest!

  17. The pictures with Minnie are just awesome!!! Baby steps, mama, baby steps! Next year, she will be bouncing down the lane with Tigger!

  18. Minnie's my fav too. She's just got good taste. The rest of that gang? Borrrring. :). Five days and I get to see her too!

  19. I have to admit I think that Minnie looks a little demented though not as demented as Chuck E Cheese.