Thursday, April 9

If You're Happy and You Know it, Share!

The past week has been depressing on top of bad on top of sad on top of draining. There was the deaths and memorial services for the three fallen Pittsburgh police officers. There were the devastating earthquakes in Italy. There was a friend who lost a child, and children who died far too young. Add in he general aura of doom we're all feeling because of the economic reality of right now, and I've about had it.

I need some happy.

So, five things that make me happy:

1. It never ceases to crack me up when I ask "how many" and Alexis answers "FIVE!" It's always five, it doesn't matter what the question is. Five pierogies. Five minutes in time out. Five dogs. Five days. Five bananas. Five. Five!

2. It's hard not to smile when you get to watch your little March of Dimes ticker march all the way past $600 in one day. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has helped to make that happen. And if you haven't yet, how about tossing a buck or two our way?

3. If I didn't have two left feet, I would totally being doing the happy dance now that the Penguins have clinched a playoff spot. Let's go Pens!

4. My job makes me happy. For reals, I have the greatest job ever. I'm happy just to *have* a job in this economy, but having one that I love makes it SOOOO much better. And, yes, I'm totally a geek for being stoked that I'm deploying an LMS right now. (That isn't exactly English--it's more like Training Geek.)

5. This photo TOTALLY cracks me up. It was taken through the stairs on Big Slide over at a local park. Alexis loves to go there, and we spend a lot of time hanging out on that slide, giggling at each other through the tiny holes in the stairs.

But, the best part about that photo? I knew I had taken one very similar last year. I dug it up and HOLY GRANOLYPANTS, it was taken on April 10th, 2008. Just hours from being exactly one year ago to the date.

Obviously, she still keeps her tongue on the left. Ha!

So, got any happy or smiley stuff? Please share it in comments. I think we could all use a good smile and laugh right about now.


  1. Thank YOU! You brought a much needed smile to my face tonight.

  2. When I read "Pens!" I totally saw Penis.


  3. @dawn224 Last year during the NHL playoffs I had a header that said "Let's Go Pens!" and THREE people emailed to tell me I needed to fix the word "penis." I wonder what Freud would think of that?

  4. Here's some happy. Actually, here's some laughedmyassoff:

    Leave Freud out of this one, please.

  5. It is BIZARRE that the cute playground pics are exactly one year apart.


    I'm happy about having a bagful of things to make my children's Easter baskets that they will love!

  6. Happy? Hm. Well, I wrote a whole post about my TOE...and I'm podophobic. Oh, that's not happy? It's WIERD? Okay...well, then...

    How about massive playdate fun making pizza's and watching my autistic daughter manage socialization like a champ (by using self-time-outs of playing by herself when seh got overwhelmed)!!! Yes, that IS happy!

  7. Thanks so much for acknowledging my loss. I appreciate it - D

  8. Yeah, there is a lot of disturbing stuff out there right now, but I'm just happy most of the disturbing stuff in my home is also funny. Thanks for the smiles.

  9. I can't tell you how much I appreciate a happy, hopeful post today. So many of us are still reeling from the events of this past week, and to click through and see a post that doesn't make my heart ache absolutely made my day.

    I love the pictures!

  10. Lovely pics - ST does that with his tongue too!

    He is also obsessed with 5. If I tell him he has 10 minutes play time left before bed or school or whatever, he will barter with me - but always say "no, five". I'm not going to be the one to put him straight :-)

  11. I love those photos! Too funny.

  12. What touched me was how she's grown so. From a baby to a little girl.

    Hold tight mama.

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  14. It always feels like the bad get all jumbled up together.

    And of course, Maddie's story has had me hugging my kids a little tighter each night.

    But, what works for me, is watching them play. For some reason I can't help but smile when the little one tries to ride a two-wheeler even though his balance isn't quite there yet. Or when my oldest pretends that her FurReal pony is indeed real...complete with him lying on his side because he fell down :0

  15. Maybe this will make you smile/laugh...
    When I wrote my last post, my husband thought Oust was perfume. When I questioned him why anyone would name a perfume "Oust", he said, "I thought it was French!" His cluelessness cracks me up sometimes!

  16. how funny! and totally bizarro.

  17. Thanks for this. On my way to my OB appointment yesterday, I was passed by 12 state police cars - each carrying four troopers - on their way to the memorial. I cried the rest of the way there...

    Hmmm. Happy? How about two boys who currently finish every sentence with "per se"? Yep. They have no idea what it means but they're all, "We're going to go outside, per se!" And "Can I have a granola bar, per se?" - I guess that's more silly than happy, but it makes ME happy!

  18. This is on my feed at Facebook:

    "OMG! Home Opener! Friday! Easter Weekend! So many exciting things to do! So many exclamation points!

    It's the little things that make us the happiest! Like a photo taken thru the holes on the slide. Cafe Americano from Starbucks. A beautiful view of Lake Erie and Downtown. Thinking about great friends and family.

    It's all good.

  19. The new header is spring-tastic!

    Anytime I ask Sabrina what color something is, her first answer is always "Green!" Then she whispers yellow. Then she might tell me the real color.

    And she is such a drama queen. If I try and get some dirt off her face or her bangs out of her eye, she'll yell "Mommy no kick Nina's face!" So in public is sounds like I beat her.

  20. Blasphemous, but hilarious:



  21. Those photos are too cute!

    Working on some happy. Or a nap. But wait. Naps are happy! Success!

  22. I no longer have a broken wiener. That makes me very happy!!

    Hallie :)

  23. I have been in a mood lately and just did a post on the blessings in my life too- I NEEDED to focus on something good because I was starting to feel the bad getting the best of me. I'm with you on the job- I am really enjoying mine and forgot how good it feels to like what you do! Alexis is too cute with her tongue out- seems to be a trend she is hanging onto :)

  24. Was my jiggling butt story enough of a laugh for you? Good call on not asking for a pic.

    How about if I tell you a cute toddler story. My husband taught my daughter how to respond when he asks, "What does a pirate say?" She says, "Arrrr, matie!" It's extremely cute to hear a 2 year old say that!

  25. Belle1:27 PM

    Great pictures and post.

    Another color comment--my 18 month old firmly believes that every color (and every flower) is "A-burple" (we think that is purple?) and hollers it loud and proud whenever she sees a flower as we walk down the street to daycare. It's spring, there are lots and lots and lots of flowers.

  26. Holy pictures batman!

    Here's some funny, how's that?:

  27. First of all, I love the picture of Alexis in the new header! Second, thank you for writing a "happy post!" We all definitely need it after this week! Finally, a response to each of your five things:

    1.) My Abby will tell you there are two of anything, but when she goes to count them, she'll point and count to nine or ten, pointing at the same things again and again just to be able to count to that point!

    2.) Awesome contributions! I haven't even added mine, yet (fell asleep early last night; I'll add it tonight.)

    3.) YES! Let's go Pens! I was thinking a few weeks ago that we weren't going this year. Glad to be proven wrong!

    4.) I'm with you there! I'm glad to have any decent job right now, but like you, I love my job. I work with a lot of smart and nice people, and love what I do.

    5.) Those shots are awesome! It cracks me up that she looks almost identical in both, except for being a year apart in age. And very groovy that they were on the same day a year apart. Sweet!

    Sorry for the gargantuan comment, but thanks again for this great post at the end of this week. Take care!

  28. Oh how very cool is that!

  29. I love the two pics! amazing!

    what makes me happy: my sister's daughter to be born in a month! My mom's retirement (we'll get to see her more)! Wonderful in-laws! My wonderful husband who loves me ever when I'm grumpy! And my beautiful toddler!

    Just to name a few. Have a great weekend!

  30. Oh wow - those 2 pictures are so awesome! How cool to have those. So very special!

    I love your 5 things that make you happy. :)

    We all need something smile about... you're right, there has been way too much depressing and sad news lately. :(

    Thanks for sharing!

    Oh - I'm happy about the long weekend and spending 4 days with my boys! And I'm happy about my new blog look! :)

    And nicer weather! By the way I love your new more spring like header.

  31. That is a WONDERFUL post. And it makes me smile to think of Alexis saying "5" to every number related question.

    Love the two photos too--amazing that it was the same day!

    It made me smile to see the thrill in Alex's eyes when he realized he was going to get to eat Elmo crackers at Target today. He said "pweaze?" as we walked up to them, "YAY!" (and giggles) when I handed them to him, and "aww...mama!" after his first bite.

  32. The two photos - she doesn't look overly changed. A little of the baby fat is gone from her face and a little more hair. Still adorable, any way you slice it. :)

  33. Great header! I am glad to see you put the snow away for another year.

    My happy for the day was a fun day spent with the kiddos. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the playground. Always fun.

  34. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I am loving the new header picture!! It's perfect.

    The stair pictures? Awesome.

    Happiness to share....

    ....Morgan telling me she's so happy she picked me for her Mommy.

    ...the fact that in a craptastic economy, the husband won't be losing his job. He's spent the last three years being trained/certified in every area of his field and is far to valuable for them to let go. A HUGE relief.

    ...spending 2 hours outside this morning with Morgan. We did nothing but shovel sand into pails from her sandbox and then dump it back out. But, it was awesome.

  35. My best happy thing today is that it is Friday and I have the weekend to get things caught up - and probably only two days left on a very long project, followed by a couple days off. Yay! And I love the two photos of Alexis, a year apart - how cool is that?

  36. Anonymous1:02 AM

    You're totally right about the five things! A great way to stay happy is to write down 5 positive points or accomplishments at the end of each day. It's good to have it on paper when you're having a down day, you can look back.

    Theres a great book coming out this month that has fun and simple tips like that. The title is The Power of Small. It's written by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.

  37. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I LOVE the new header - yeah for Spring!

    My 5:

    1. Maren's budding vocabulary. While her asking my 'Why?' 11,436 times a day occasionally wears thin, I LOVE that she now demands 'Lap' and climbs on up no matter what I am doing.

    2. Turning on Jay-Z and Linkin Park's Numb/Encore and hearing Cooper tell Maren to "Rock it baby!"

    3. Coming back into the kitchen to actually see them rocking out!

    4. Kicks, nudges, and acrobats from a strong and healthy baby inside - who I can't wait to meet!

    5. You!

  38. I love the tongue. LOVE it. A lot.

    My happy isn't earth shattering, but it's good enough for me.

    The snow melted.

    The daffodils are blooming, and I see hosta peeking through the dirt.

    Micah uses more sounds all the time. No words, just sounds. It's a fabulous start to speech.

    We're healthy.

  39. Those pictures are priceless! So cool! I'm happy that I am on the verge of employment as long as I get through my background check! I got to fill my face with sugar and chocolate all day and that makes any girl happy!