Friday, April 10

Three More Reasons to Smile

(But I would smile even more if you would kick in a buck or two in honor of Maddie.)


  1. Love those swings you have there.

  2. Love the new header. That's reason to smile, too.

  3. ilove the new header-the other pics are great!
    I have donated almost $200 this month for various research organizations- March of Dimes,ACA,Cancer Research, and a few more- and now we are strapped and can't financially donate any more. but I do hope you reach your goal!
    Best Wishes!

  4. Love the red tights and white shoes. That girl has style!

  5. Love your new header. I have to change mine soon.

    So SO sad about that little girl. I also donated to a friend of mine who is walking for MoD. She had triplets too early, the 2 boys had twin to twin transfer. One boy was already gone and they knew that. The 2nd lived about a month and the 3rd (a beautiful little girl) is still alive and doing wonderful and almost 5 years old. She was totally unaffected by the boys and in a different sack.

    My heart goes out to all the mommies and daddies that go through such tragedy.

  6. the header rocks.

    and my heart breaks.

  7. Ooh! She flies! :-)

    And, um, yeah, if you're in Cleveland and I don't hear about it . . . Because you know I'd totally drop my ham dinner for that.

  8. We love the swings! Yay!

  9. I would love to donate some coin but I do it for the Children's Hospital in our city every year. Since Chicken just made his first visit there we are donating double what we did before!
    Good for you though for doing this. I remember what dedication you had when raising money for the 911 heroes as well. There should be more people like you. People who walk the walk!