Thursday, May 7

Making the Most of 862


That's how many posts I have written since moving our site to Blogger.

With each and every one of those 861 posts, something incredible has come our way.

I've made some great friends.

I've reminded myself to enjoy each and every day with Alexis.

I've had the opportunity to share our story with The Hawtness. And with you.

I've laughed. A lot.

And with one of those 861 posts, something was started. Something incredible. It has nothing to do with me. If I hadn't been the first to create a team here in Pittsburgh, I have no doubt that someone else would have.

She started it.

We're doing it for her.


All 27 of us.

Many of you have been incredible and done so much to help. Thank you. A huge thank you to each and every one of you.

If you haven't helped yet, now would be a great time to toss in a buck or two. We walk, rain or shine, Saturday morning. Every single penny makes a difference.


  1. Rock on.
    You're amazing woman.
    That is stupendous!!!

  2. You rock! I agree with you, Pittsburghers are the best! Thanks for all your work to create and promote the team to walk here, and thanks for all your awesome posts here, whatever the subject. You always bring a laugh, and often a tear (I mean allergies! Yeah, that's it!)

    Thanks to all the people you mentioned that helped and to all the people that donated. The Burgh Moms and Dads team, including all the donors that can't make it to walk, are pretty kick-ass!


  3. You reached your goal and then some! That is awesome! I will be wishing you all sun!

  4. Good luck with your walk!! Here's hoping you have a day that radiates as much sunshine as Maddie did!

  5. Good luck! If I still weren't in recovery mode, we would be joining you.


  6. Have fun!! The Nashville walk got heavy rain, but we moved to a mall and it worked out ok - we had a blast!

  7. You are Awesome. I can't believe how much money you all raised, it's amazing. Have fun at the walk tomorrow, I wish I could donate more!

  8. Holy cow, woman! I looked at your progress the other day, and you weren't at your goal of $500.00 Here it is crunch time, and what do you do? Surpass it of course! I am so not surprised. Congratulations. You rock!

  9. This, right here . . . this is the best of blogging. Why I can't ever shut it down and walk away.

    Too much good stuff. Too many good people.