Sunday, May 10

That is How You End a Mothers Day

Y'all are going to be SO jealous when you hear what I did for Mothers Day. You might even hate me for it, but I'm OK with that because I know you are just jealous of my awesomeness.

I spent Mothers Day cleaning out closets.

I know! You hate me, right?


That is seriously how I spent most of my day, which just goes to show that we really are getting serious about this whole buy-a-house thing. I bagged up six humongous bags worth of crap that needs to get donated because I ain't moving it. Period. It doesn't matter that there will be more than sufficient space if all goes as planned, because that stuff just plain needed to go away.

Oh, and why exactly do I own a dozen nearly identical short-sleeve black t-shirts? What the hells bells is that all about? Am I subconsciously expecting to spend the entire summer at funerals? WEIRD.

Anyhoo, in between realizing that every article of clothing I have bought in the past year looks exactly like something I already had in my closet, and the part of the day when I had to begrudgingly acknowledge that Alexis is never going to wear that super-cute size 3T red polka-dotted dress again, I did get to have a little fun. Alexis and I sat literally front and center for a local production of Beauty and the Beast. Totally fabulous, especially since I had no idea the cheap tickets I picked up a month ago were that great. Once again Alexis impressed me with her magical lurve for stage performances, even as I was a bit disappointed in some of the casting and the major sound issues that dominated the show. (It turns out microphones aren't all that important when you're in the front row, but the feedback and constant extra noise was muy annoying.)

The best part of the day, however, came later. Right before she got tucked in for the night, Alexis asked me if we could go for a walk so she could "blow dandelions." Dandelions are a new obsession of hers, one that I started last Friday and will probably be enjoying all summer long. So we hiked up the hill in our neighborhood to the little farm at the edge and sat blowing dandelion seeds for a while. On the way back, Alexis' legs suddenly stopped working (tragic, I know) so she demanded I pick her up. After rolling my eyes at her, I heaved her up into my arms to finish the last bit of our walk.

Alexis smiled as she sat in my arms, and then broke into song. It started out like this (and yes I ran inside as fast as I could to write this down):

"I love you, Mommy
My mommy loves me
My mommy loves me really much
My mommy loves me so, so much
Mommy and me are going to watch The Incredibles
but in the morning after I stay in my bed"

Have you ever heard a more perfect song? I sure haven't.

We'll just ignore the part where it was very obviously set to the melody of a song from High School Musical.


  1. Too sweet! What a great day!

    I got a call from my soldier today to wish me a Happy Mothers Day and spent the day with our two naughty little blonde boys unpacking from our weekend camping trip!

    PS I hate dandelion blowing, I always end up downwind!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Jonathan has been into the dandelion blowing thing too this week. It's so cute.

    And that song? Yeah, that is the best ever.

    Happy Mother's Day.

    Going back to read the Maddie post and cry some more.

  3. a MUCH better ending than my mother's day...

  4. So. Cute.

    Oh, and I realized I have about 5 identical black t-shirts. wtf?

  5. I am so bummed - I missed Beauty and the Beast! I thought our tickets were next week and they were yesterday!

  6. Sounds like a perfect Mother's day, even cleaning out closets! I used to love blowing dandelion seeds, till I realized that the more yu blow them in your yard, the more grouchy hubby gets when there are millions of dandelions to get rig of. hee hee. Love the song!

  7. That TOTALLY made up for the card she made you. Wow. And the part about the love you have for each other is cute, too.

  8. That is a great song. Bun is obsessed with blowing dandelions, too. Unfortunately she ends up eating some of the fluff as well.

    I decided to take it easy on Mother's Day, and DearDR helped. I'll be cleaning closets (and painting and donating clothes) next weekend.

    Oh, and I know a certain girl who fits in 3Ts who would love a polka dotted dress. I'm just sayin'.


  9. Sounds like you and I were in the same mindset for Mother's Day. I spent most of the day cleaning, before my daughter showed up to take me to dinner. The song and picture of her blowing dandelions are priceless. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Can I just borrow her cuteness for a few days...glad you had a good day. Now I feel like I must go clean my closets.

  11. How sweet!!

    I'm glad you had such a fantastic Mother's Day. :)

  12. Oh my God, well that song right that means you did have one perfect Mother's Day! How sweet is that! She's lovely!

  13. Sounds like a great day, getting rid of junk and spending time with your sweet girl! : )

  14. Hah!

    We spent the day before Mother's Day cleaning 27 years worth of accumulated junk, foolishness, and empty boxes out of the attic. It took literally all day.

    Mother's Day was spent over margheritas, pissing and moaning about how stiff and sore we were. Can't beat that!

  15. That song is great! Did you ask her to sing it again, and on video?

  16. @Jen--Yeah, I did. She wouldn't do it. :-(

  17. Yep, it's awesome even though I don't know any High School musical songs. It's good to be the queen, no?

  18. That? Is adorable.

    Alexis is adorable. Seriously. It was nice to see her "in action" again :)

  19. cute song :)

    I spent most of my Mother's Day doing laundry. yay! ha

  20. Other than cleaning out the closets, sounds like a great Mother's Day to me! My daughter wrote a song for me, wrote it on paper, sang it everything. I am going to try to get it up on my blog if I ever get a chance to blog again that is! I love the dandelion blowing too. My girls enjoy that and dancing ballet while tossing "helicoper seeds." Ah, to be a kid again. . .

  21. That is a fantastic song!

    I've always loved blowing dandelions and can't wait until the ones around us go from yellow to blowable!